Daily Message ~ Thursday April 1, 2021

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As we continue our series on presence, we wish to point out to you that presence is an essential aspect of fun. You simply cannot be energetically absent and have fun at the same time. Presence and fun are a dynamic duo. So if you wish you had more fun in your life, find more things to do that bring you to a state of full presence. If you wish to have more presence in your life, seek things to do that you find fun and it will naturally occur. They support each other beautifully in your enjoyment of the Now moment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Oh my goodness, can you believe today is the 17th anniversary of Trinity Esoterics?! And I get to celebrate it by being on Beyond the Ordinary tonight at 8 pm ET where we will be talking all about evolving beyond codependency AND I’ll be doing a process to help you stay much more comfortable in your own energy while still being completely available to connect with others. I hope you’ll join us! You can sign up at www.beyondtheordinaryshow.com.