Daily Message ~ Thursday January 28, 2021

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Your sensitivity is a gift. Seeing it as a negative trait only puts you in resistance to yourself and keeps you from exploring and discovering the wonderful things that come with that gift. Almost all empaths have been told to stop being so sensitive, and many have been conditioned to think sensitivity is a bad thing. Dear Ones, your ability to feel is your superpower! It is what makes you kind, compassionate, and understanding. Your beautiful sensitivity is one of the things we love most about you.

So feel the feelings! Recognize when they are yours or not. What if you started to view your feelings as helpers? Understand that if you simply identify them, explore why they are there, and thank them for their service, they will be allowed to do their job of providing you information and feedback and then dissipate. By doing so you will quickly learn you do not need to fear them or avoid them and will turn them into the most wonderful navigational tool of understanding and healing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young