Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 14, 2019

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One of the changes enlightening human beings will experience as you move into 2020 is feeling more empowered in areas you have previously found challenging.

It may be that you have been focusing on healing a persistent theme in your life, where it felt like you were continually needing to stand up for yourself. While you knew you deserved better and and were consciously working on moving it into a better balance or honouring of self, it likely always felt like work or a constant struggle.

For many of you the shift you will experience in 2020 will be the full anchoring in of your power in this area, a claiming of your sovereignty, if you will. It will no longer feel like you need to fight to be honoured or for what is fair. Anything less than that will not even be an option.

It is through that change in energetics you will no longer feel triggered in those areas. You will be embodying the fully healed state around that issue, which releases the energetic charge.

For some of you it will be a profound shift you recognize right away. For others, it may take you a while to recognize that old issue is resolved. It is much like having an injury heal in your body and making the realization later that you no longer hurt. This occurs because your true state is whole and healed and feels natural to you.

However you experience it, it is proof positive you have shifted into a new phase of your incarnation that will feel freer and lighter and full of new potentials and possibilities, all based on the work you have done. Congratulations! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young