Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 30, 2021

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We spoke yesterday of the importance of presence and how it works as your power centre and a tool for gratitude, flow, and creation. We wish to expand upon that message today.

Many of you have lives that are incredibly busy. You rush from one thing to another, always focusing ahead upon what needs to be done next. If your life has been slowed down by the pandemic, you might be feeling resistant to the Now moment and the changes that have been thrust upon you. Being solely focused on the future (or the past) will take you out of the gift of your present moment.

Your presence allows you to get acquainted with yourself again. It lets you identify who you really are and what your preferences are. This allows you to connect with your pure essence, which is the energetic space you wish to create from. Please hear us when we say you are always creating but your conscious creations are far more satisfying than your unconscious creations can ever be because they are in response to your latest preferences and expression of self.

Your presence is a skill just like any other, that you can nurture and grow. Pause. Breathe. Explore your Now moment for its many gifts and ways it serves you. If you have trouble remembering to be present, you might even set presence alerts on your phone to gently remind you.

So many of you have been conditioned to keep looking into the future for the next great thing. We invite you to dive into the exploration of your Now moment and you might just be surprised at how rich your world has been all along, and once that realization is made you open the door for even greater discoveries. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hi everyone, I’m back! I’m feeling so much better, and happy to be back connecting with you all. I wanted to thank you for your lovely notes of support, your healing vibes, and well wishes. They helped me so much!

I had mentioned that all courses were on sale while I was off work. I’ll leave them up for the sale price until the end of March in case you wanted to take advantage of that pricing, since you didn’t know when I’d be back. Just use the coupon code MARCHFORTH to get $50 off. I’m back to seeing clients again, too, for private sessions, so if you’d like to book you can email me at partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com.

Also, several of you have inquired about how Holly has been doing. She’s doing wonderfully! I switched her onto a different kidney supplement called Astro’s Oil and it has made such a huge difference. She hasn’t needed any subcutaneous treatments at all since she’s been on it! I highly recommend it. And of course, she’s been stuck to me like glue through all of this, and such a comforting presence as I healed.

Okay, I think you are officially caught up! Thank you, again, for all your love and support. You are all truly appreciated! xo