Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 24, 2014

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What does it mean to walk a path of peace and joy? It means to give yourself and others unconditional love, and to allow that love to lead the way. It means to practice acceptance and allowing, and to see the perfection in all. It means to uplift and encourage others. It means to embrace your truth, your authentic power, and to show others that they can, too. It means committing to shining your light, and being the beautiful teachers by example. It means embracing your beingness and your divinity, and knowing that all else is illusion. It means living from a flow of abundance, and sharing from that place that knows there is always more than enough for everyone. It means understanding that what happens to the one affects the all. These are the things we wish for you, today and always, as you move forward during these amazing times. ~Archangel Gabriel



a lighted pathway ....walking the walk.

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walk your talk....hypocrites of the world....It means understanding that what happens to the one.. affects the all. including you.  oh but you already knew that. so...whats  it gonna be ...global or local.....ww3....entombed..in your bunkers?.....  as was sung to the russians by sting years ago...now sung to the elites? do you love your children too?  .more new AGE BULLSHIT?all else is illusion?you say?...TELL THAT TO THE MINIONS THAT HAVE DIED IN YOUR NAMES,WORKS, DEEDS....AND YOU (THEY) REVERE EARTH AS A LIVING BEING ? THEN WHY WOULD YOU WANNA FUCK (RAPE) YOUR MOTHER EARTH?  leave room for mother nature? the stones say in georgia?  ..our mother earth...for frack sakes.... your fracking with nuclear waste?etc etc   90% OF THE WORLDS  POPULACE Eliminated.is the protocal.?.....and how many of your own will/have you sacraficed?    global domination of a ruined planet. well done.      Arkangel Mikael.   (...)  ps in keeping with the holidays.....love you.and may yours be filled with  love.and light....peace.