Dancing in Heaven with God

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God said:

Each day is a miracle, yet not every day seems like a miracle to you. You like excitement of one kind or another, some stirring of excitement -- only so much of excitement unless the ordained excitement happens to be something you desire big time. You might not mind extraordinary excitement of the kind that would take you up to the moon. If you won the biggest lottery in the world, you would accept this yet not any of the excitement from being beheaded or tossed into prison.

So in general, you are perfectly happy to accept unexpected happiness that is acceptable to you. Otherwise, you would like to qualify your happiness and not leave it to the whim of the Universe.

You want to receive telephone calls you would like to receive. There are just some matters you don’t want to hear about and may never want to face, like debts and the dentist and possibly a hundred more such matters. You would like to change the parts of Life that just aren’t your cup of tea.

You would like an ideal Life of your choosing when and where you prefer.

There is a song that goes: “Oh, the Life of a seaman is the Life for me.”

Perhaps you fear missing some of your present Life. You might miss more than a little of your Life. You might want some of it back. It could even be that the Life you have is the Life for you.

There might always be something in the Life you do live that you might like to trade in for something else.

Meanwhile, there are some gaps in your thinking about what Life as a whole is anyway. As a matter of fact, you may well be more familiar with Life in Heaven than you are with Life on Earth. Life on Earth is something imagined that you fiddle around with and accept as practical and real, whereas it is Heaven that is True, and Earth that is fiction.

Fear-based is fiction. Truth-based is Heaven. The Dream World, that is, the World of Your Dreams, is real whereas the squared-off seemingly-real world is unstable. It changes by the minute. This is one way you know what is real and what is provocative. All the same, in the mundane world, there is great desire for Story. Whether real or false, you crave Story. You set a flag down on Earth to claim your storied dreams.

You make up your personal stories as you go along.

It does seem, indeed, that you carry your heart on a string that keeps eluding you. No matter. None of it matters. It matters a lot to you yet, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter at all. What matters may be what you presently don’t see.

We can say that nothing is what it seems. We can further say that anything you can put your finger on doesn’t exist. Magnificent buildings whose texture you can touch do not exist. Consciousness that you can’t point to exists. It flourishes. That which you don’t see has never not been.

As you keep growing, you may feel more and more a sense of yourself as not really existing and no longer part of what you were once involved in. Less and less does the past feel real to you.

You may have traveled to foreign lands. The names of the lands are stamped on your passport, yet the trips feel as if they were made up. You have always been in one place. I mean you have always been here with Me. The travel that once seemed real to you now feels like the dream. At Home with Me has been the status quo all along.

The closer you get to Enlightenment, the less connected to the outer world you may feel.

This is a turn-around, yet the Truth is you have always ventured forth with Me. Never was it otherwise. Furthermore, in terms of Earth, all that ever happened was little spin in a roadster, for you have always been fully in Heaven dancing with Me.

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