The Demonstration of Love by Paul Selig & The Guides p 171-172

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The Demonstration of Love by Paul Selig & The Guides p 171-172

Now understand this, please. When you love another, you hold them in their worth. That is what you do, and you hold them in their worth unconditionally. There is nothing possible for any man to do, for any woman to do, to make them unlovable by God, but they do not know this. They shut themselves away, and you heal that by seeing them in their worth. If you condemn them, if you roll the stone in front of your own cave to block out the light, you harm yourself.

Now we will tell you something. You don't have to like them. You don't have to dine with them. You don't have to sing their praises as a loving soul. You need to honor them in their worth, and that is all the difference.

The suffering of man at the hands of his fellows is tragic. You do not hurt what you love. You do not sing the song of love that we sing to you to someone you condemn. You want your condemnation, that is the road you will travel. And we will tell you this: This is the road you have traveled as a people, and we intervene with our message no so that you may realign your purpose to your intended purpose, to incarnate as love for the benefit of all. And we say "all" with the meaning that it is inclusive of the one you wish to burn in hell. Do you understand?

The Book of Knowing and Worth

By Paul Selig & The Guides


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I do understand...

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...and try daily to practice forgiveness, though not in a push-over kind of a way, as I try to practice self worth, 'while' showing some compassion.

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