Depending Upon the Angle You are Looking From

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God said:

Beloved, regardless of the angle you may see from at one time or another, We, you and I, are in perfect harmony. We, as One, are the best of friends. I am never out of sorts. You may be in a desolate mood. I do not have moods. I am not in a good mood one day or in a rough mood another. I love always. I love you always.

Nor do I ever hide from you what I am thinking. I am not a patsy with you ever, nor am I an over-riding disciplinarian. I am the straight goods. I see clearly. I do not pretend otherwise. I don’t try to soften you up, nor am I fiercely strict with you.

There are no two ways about Me. I am a constant in your life.

It may seem to you that some days I may be cross with you. This is your take on life at the moment, for you do have moods and good days and bad days. The thing is that you take a dim view of some days and a brighter view of other days. You look through various colored lenses. Life can be touch and go for you. Of course, you favor some days more than others. This is your predilection. This is how life hits you.

I am your Beloved God. I am not a flighty God nor a treacherous God who goes up and down depending upon how I feel. You are My Beloved. No matter what turmoil you perceive yourself in, you are mistaken. I am pure clear-sighted love. I just may not be your favorite DaDa at this moment, yet I hold you happily in My arms just the same.

Life has its seeming paths to you. Let go of the idea that I am ever out to get you. Sometimes life seems to be tough on you. You don’t have the whole picture. You are unable to connect the dots. You call this terrible. No one likes these times that you see as loss.

I don’t pin you to the wall, yet you are in a spot. The days you feel My love strongly, these are the days you are ON. The days you feel beleaguered, you are OFF. On the OFF days, you see us as two zig-zagging. No matter; in the long run, you will see from a wider angle. When you perceive life as hurtful, Beloved, you are picking up faulty signals. You just aren’t on the sunny side of the street. Regardless of your take on life at a given moment, you and I, We are on good terms.

No matter how painful your view of life may be at any moment, no matter how your apple cart may be upturned, no matter how stunned you are, no matter how darkly you may see your present path, no matter how much you fear what you are going through, the sun will shine again. I don’t say that losing a loved one or other circumstances are nothing at all. Oh yes, life can hit you hard.

Oh, yes, you may see huge bumps, and you wonder where My good heartedness has gone. My heart is never gone. Life may not seem golden to you from one day to the next. Nevertheless, My heart holds you high. I am not your detractor. I am for you 100%. When you feel you are on a muddy path, know the muddy path will dry soon.

When you may feel at the bottom of a pit, you and I are not at loggerheads. We are One and not two. No exceptions. This is the God’s Honest Truth.

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