~Desert Gypsy~A Banquet of Joy Awaits You!

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It is with great joy that we greet you, for we are one and you are us!  The higher planes are readying even now, setting a banquet of joy for all humanity.  The flame has been lit.  We beseech you, dear ones, to continue on this journey of love, for it is an exciting one.

You will continue to grow and learn, spreading the message of joy to all who will hear you.  The intensity of the energies will continue to exceed the light quotient you now hold.  It is necessary to hold even more energy then ever as we near the event.

The ignitions of the energies at the galactic core will ignite a new fire in the hearts of all mankind.  The solar flip will set off a chain of events which will be unstoppable.  No one will be untouched by this spark  It is the dawning of the new age and all will benefit from the change.

Many will leave the planet as she rises into her new home.  Many more will remain. Stay in your heart, remain calm centered, and balanced.  The journey is about to begin. The journey into joy.

All of the cosmos awaits to greet you. Welcome home Dear ones. Blessings and divine congratulations are in order.

Your own true self!






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Can't wait to sit next to you Des Love!  Thank You So much!! Love You!!

I'm sorry but I'm finding it hard to be joyful

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I have several family members who are already on their way. I am so tired of hearing that this party will soon start and soon never comes. I just wish for a painless and peaceful transition for our loved ones. We are losing so many every day, and the ones we are losing aren't the ones who deserve to be going the way they are. The Dark powers maintain their strangle-hold on us. I don't even know if I am LightWorker anymore, I haven't completely lost faith or hope, but these messages mean so little anymore. I'm not seeing any relief, and this Holiday season is looking more and more bleak by the hour.

Don't greet me with joy for I have little to offer in return. The flames we light now are in remembrance of the souls we are losing on this journey. RIP to Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela, who did so much to pave the way for those who work tirelessly towards a better life for the communities they live in and support, and to the countless souls who do so without seeking recognition.


Peace and Light though my heart is filled with sorrow.








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I understand -- my heart has been filled with sorrow as well... I know what if feels like to experience hoplessness... I know you feel like you don't have much love to return... so I am sending love to you... with no expectations of any return... just know you are loved... and hope is everypresent.  I love you.  Hugs.  ~~~Amanda~~~

<3 Amanda <3

Beautiful Message

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I Just wanted To Say I Feel

This Is  A Beautiful Message

Thanks For Sharing This

Tara Grace...

Sending Love

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Sending love Noetica. Remember as everything changes around us, we hold the peace, light, and love within our hearts. Do not give up now! Your journey is your own. Do not let the passing of others, or the confusion of the 3D world to take away from that.

Many feel like you do from time to time. Find the goodness in your life, and build on that. Baby steps are all that is needed to connect with higher self. One moment at a time.

You are loved and surrounded by angels!