Diamond Heart Essence Training ~ March 11th, 2014

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Walking Terra Christa New Earth Academy of Mastery is offering this amazing modality which assists individuals in accessing their I AM Presence and activating their higher essence on a daily basis.  This modality was previously given in a private session with a Chakra Balancing Alignment.  We found in 2013 that we could form a group class to assist individuals to receive this amazing attunement at a much lower price than before.  Not only that, we elevated the essence of the Diamond Heart Essence with Divine Light Language Codes that activate the diamonds within each person.

To make the DIAMOND HEART ESSENCEsm process easier, what we have now chosen to do is hold a group healing training session to begin the process of clearing the chakra system of anyone attending. We will bring forth the assistance of multiple shamanic and intergalactic healers to act in concert with us. This will set the foundation for the clearing that may need to be done on the individual basis as the Light Diamonds are installed.

The format of the new DIAMOND HEART ESSENCEsm TRAINING course will therefore consist of a combined Group Tele-Conference Session (approximately 1 hour in duration) to be followed by a scheduled Individual Session (approximately 25 minutes in duration) to finalize the clearing and install the Light Diamonds.

To insure the best process, each person attending the training is required to re-listen to the Group Session Tel-Conference training immediately prior to their personal session. In this way we can eliminate the 2 hour time frame per individual that is currently required in this modality. (This means you will be taking the extra time on your own to bring in the required energies). The advantage is this also reduces the exchange rate we would normally have for each individual.

The DIAMOND HEART ESSENCEsm installs a full set of Light Diamonds that are attuned to the I AM PRESENCE within the MERKABAH LIGHT BODY etheric field at specific intersecting points corresponding with, and extending within, the physical body. Some of these intersecting diamond structures are at the 8 chakra meridians (the energetic wiring in the human body for accessing the Rays of God). Once installed, an individual can spin these Light Diamonds within their etheric and physical bodies using the energies of the I AM PRESENCE to clear and balance the four body system and all the chakras in a very direct and succinct manner.

This Training Modality now also instills within you these Higher order elements:

  • Spiritual Etheric Induction to the Melchizedek Priesthood and the Lord Melchizedek teachings
  • Etheric Access to your your Golden Solar Angelic Body with Lord Metatron
  • Formal participation in the Ascension Science Initiations through the Mahatma Energies
  • Vibrational Chants of the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace to have them directly assist you with the deeper energies of the 22 Rays of God.
  • Initial Access to start to integrate the Energies of Divine Mother and Father God

We hope everyone reading this will avail themselves of this unique and powerful modality to assist integrating the Higher Self within the physical by utilizing the greater energies of their own I AM PRESENCE. Once installed you can maintain and activate these Light Diamond anytime to strengthen and expand your MERKABAH BODY OF LIGHT which is an essential component of walking into a Fifth Dimensional State of Being.

Please take time to listen to our FREE DIAMOND HEART ESSENCE TRAINING CLASS, http://walkingterrachrista.com/diamond-heart-essence-training/.

Date:  March 11th, 2014

Time:  5 PM Pacific

Registration:  http://walkingterrachrista.com/diamond-heart-essence-training

PLEASE NOTE:  If you previously had the Diamond Heart Essence Session with Meleriessee, please consider to take this class as it is an upgraded vibrational version of the original session.

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