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Happy Love Day!

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Dear Readers,

Every day is a celebrated Love Day in the Higher Realms!

What this means is that you can celebrate love every day if you will only elevate your consciousness into the higher realms. The higher realms are not ‘out there’ someplace, flitting about in the ethers! They are within you, right here and right now!

Yesterday, once I’d finished a private channeling for a client, I noticed my energy was still soaring higher than I’d ever before experienced. I lay down to enjoy this blissful experience which cannot be adequately described with mere words. Nirvana perhaps? Why label it anyway? It is LOVE in the highest frequency that I was able to feel at that moment, which thankfully stretched into a rather l o n g moment!

Now for the first time I understand why Lord Adama has said that when a channel has had the privilege of communing with a higher dimensional Being that for at least 2 hours afterwards, the channel can still enjoy the blissful energy of that Being by remaining in a state of stillness and openness and receptivity within. And the same goes for the client receiving the channeled messages because there is precious energy in those words!! And the energy remains there for as long as you are open and receptive to feeling it. Many clients have told me every time they read their written channeling, sometimes months later, they still feel overwhelming love and peace infiltrate into their being! The same is appropriate for live and recorded channeling.

Energy Update:The Stars Shining you Home

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In tapping into what the coming Equinox gateway will bring to the us, I received a feeling of joy and excitement, visions and information. Woo hoo! We are ever expanding and evolving as a species. Are you feeling the intensity of it? Let me share what I am seeing and feeling as an akashic reader listening to cosmic information in a download. Please use your own guidance to know what the Equinox will be for yourself.

Vision: Seeing the cosmic whales connected to the stars, connected to the earths oceans and everyone of you. Cosmic whales represent and embody the oversoul or group soul. Physical Earth whales are the frequency keepers of earth and those who have the records, or some believe. There is a connection between cosmic whales and Earth whales as the Cosmic Whales are the higher selves of the whales, just as we humans have higher selves. Tap into the frequency or the feeling of the whales, as they are so joyful and loving. Also imagine the cosmic whales swimming through space, and feel them. There is something very special about whales.

A Message from Archangel Zadkiel

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Archangel Zadkiel is one of my guides and he comes forward today with this message which is a perfect reminder for me in this Now. Maybe for you also!

“Soften your heart with respect to this situation, and all the people involved, including yourself.”

This energy is taking us deeper into reckoning between our ego/lower-mind consciousness and our higher dimensional consciousness. There is no getting away from it! There is also no going back, so forward we go into previously unchartered territory, into the unknown we go as faithful warriors of the Light.

We are being moved into situations that are bringing to Light all the hidden shadows we didn’t even know were there. The best is to accept that they were there and move on. Turn the other cheek if necessary. Dwelling on them is not helping you. Blaming yourself for being so out of alignment with your true character and nature of being is not helping you either, so let it all just go!

The sooner you can accomplish this, the better it will be for you. Archangel Zadiel guided me to this wonderful article: www.devinemiracles.com/higherself.html

Develop compassion when dealing with those who are still caught in the web of illusion. This may be difficult, but remember that you were once there yourself.

You cannot change another, you can only change yourself. Live by example and those who are ready to make changes in their lives will do so.

Always remember that no two of us are alike and we are all on our own journey. Whether people realize it or not, makes no difference. There is no right way, or wrong way. All roads lead to the same destination and that destination is powered by the energy of DIVINE LOVE.

Sunday Musings ~ Transcending Fear in the Game of Illusion

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Image ~ “My Rocky Mountain” by Deborah Faith

What if your whole life purpose was to transcend fear.  Nothing more, nothing less. What if your fears were all yours and no one else’s? What if your DNA doesn’t contain the fear imprints of your ancestors and what if the ONLY single most purposeful thing every single one of us is doing here is learning to rise above fear?

Nothing brings your vibration down faster than fear. Nothing takes you out of Presence faster than fear.

Everything that is not love has its roots in fear. Everything. Fear is born out of separation consciousness – the thinking of ourselves separate from our Source which is ALL That is Love. Perfect, Pure, Absolute, Unconditional Love.

This separation consciousness causes us to believe we are vulnerable.

Fear is illusion and therefore not real. You can transcend fear by looking at it and erasing it similar to erasing a blackboard in a classroom. The classroom in this instance is the holographic experience of Life itself, as we are projecting it into being or into form, from within our own consciousness based upon our thoughts and beliefs and actions. What if every thought had a life of its own and what if when we give it our energy, it becomes more life-like? What if we could actually bring something into form through our very thought? Are we that powerful?

The answer is yes, we are. The question is do you believe it? Can you comprehend having such power? What if I told you your power is Infinite? Can you even begin to comprehend the meaning of the word “Infinite”?

I Hear You Calling My Name

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This song is a prayer. It describes what is happening to us when we begin hearing, and/or paying attention to, God's Voice within ourselves. At this stage in human evolution we are waking up to that fact. Why? Because we are all Gods, sprung from the Creator like every other living thing on this planet, and now tired of playing Hide & Seek with our Divine aspect. Let's get this show on the road. Check with your heart - It is your true GPS!


I Hear You Calling My Name

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This song is a prayer. It describes what is happening to us when we begin hearing, and/or paying attention to, God's Voice within ourselves. At this stage in human evolution we are waking up to that fact. Why? Because we are all Gods, sprung from the Creator like every other living thing on this planet, and now tired of playing Hide & Seek with our Divine aspect. Let's get this show on the road. Check with your heart - It is your true GPS!



New Earth Frequency Update ~ Oct 21 2014

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The New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse of Oct 23, 2014 represents a period of REGENERATION

Greetings and Blessings to All,

We are the Unified Whole Command within the 144th dimension of Oneness as the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein along with the many Christed Beings of Light.

The energetic exchange of the Universal Consciousness is being felt in many levels of existence.  We are sure you have been experiencing it within your feelings, thoughts, dream-states while walking upon the Earth.  Since the Autumn Equinox there have been extensive light energies that have ensued upon the planet with the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon moving towards the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon.

The portals of light that have been actualized within GAIA are here to help every individual to receive more of their higher essence within the avenues of their physicality.  In the midst of these elements it is causing more debris to be removed from the Etheric level of the Earth along with each human being.  So as a result, it causes a feeling of uncertainty within each individual unless they fully understand that those thoughts and feelings do not belong to them any longer.

Some may say, “What do you mean they don’t belong to me?  I live upon this earth; I have emotions and I am affected by what is happening within the world.”  This is so very true but since the earth is going through her acceleration, the light infractions coming into the core of Gaia’s being are affecting more Light to be acknowledged than the Darkness.  But in order for the Light to be realized, the Darkness must be removed.  So what happens is a period of regeneration, the old leaves in order for the new to be realized.

Higher Self and Guitar

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Playing my guitar, the music that which I play comes from a constant flow with unlimited possibilities and this flow changes day in day out I embody with the higher self, sometimes I can't come close to playing stuff like this, but there is allways a time with the energies and the planets and the charts numerologie and other sings that gives away the best time to play the guitar and get the higher flow and so on I keep on practicing, I hope you EnJOY~this was created all in the same day and I had never played these before...

Sitting in the Eternal Circle of Creation

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A circle of dreamers sit in a circle of remembrance from all realities, in cosmic eternalness. The circle spirals out as a new person sits and adds herself or himself to the unity oneness.

The dreamers have their eyes closed and are deep in mediation. At the same time their own dreams are playing in the space of their hearts while a unified dream is playing within all of them, being different notes in the same octave of creation. They spiral out like stars, holding space eternally in this now for creation to birth from. These are the dream weavers of the new earth and we are they. They are cosmic higher selves and a more cosmic unified higher self of the all. I see how the humans tap into the spiral of oneness. Each being who taps in takes a seat in the evolving spiral outward getting bigger. More light is shining from the whole we are, as each dream weaver being is connected to an earth angel human doing the building from the architecture of the divine blueprint, and the one divine heart.


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