Discover the Truths of Your Own BEING

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by Vanessa David

Today was a lot that has come up for healing and releasing of old stuck energy that I had stuffed down for so long. At times I get anxious and my mind will try to figure out what the hell is going on but my heart and soul continues to lead the way through it all. It definitely does not come over night but I'm finding it easier to get through it. I look within my own darkness as I can finally come to my own self realization that it is possible to heal and it takes much work to sift through it all. Emotional pain is hard to feel at times but the more you feel it the more you will heal it. The soul always knows what to do and it's just getting out of our own way to discover the truths of your own BEING and a beautiful one at that. So, have faith in what lies within and most of all be gentle and loving with yourself because that is the key. When you're in the pain, observe the emotions that come up and your mind that triggers them.. Look within and see what temptations are leading you in a direction that of your own past into this present moment. The tests will come and how you choose is what manifests. Past is gone but will it remain gone? Choice is yours. Stay centered.
Let the fire of your spirit burn brightly. Every challenge and fear you have faced has brought you to this now where healing has become your power as the divine strong, courageous warrior you are.

Blessings on your continued journey