The Divine Light Sent Me A Giant Orb!

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On this 24th, August 2013 I witnessed another exciting moment and what an exciting feeling it is! This Giant Orb of astonishing light created at this moment was of perfect timing and very much unplanned and unexpected. I was focusing on taking another sunset shot to add to my collection when this beautiful sight appeared. In all my years of photographing sunsets in different locations, I have never experience anything so remarkable and amazing in all my life. I feel a tremendous amount of Love and Blessings pouring in  where I am living so close to the beach to captured these breathtaking moments. I've been given a Gift from this moment and I feel so fortunate to share this with you during these wonderful times that we're in and all that is unfolding around me...especially one day prior to the Peace Portal Opening! So Much Love is being felt here and I send a Giant LOVE out to you!