Dream log night of 12/21/13

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Last night was an unusual one in the sense that I can recall roughly three separate ones. I think it is relevant to what a lot of us are going through right now. I will refrain from analyzing it very much but I think it will make more sense in the future but right now it seems as if we will soon be inhabiting a higher vibrational existence that others in a lower dimensional awareness will not be able to perceive yet.

There has been assistance given to us that will come in handy in the days ahead, or maybe just for me. Maybe I have been in the fight for so long that my ego has trouble letting go and surrendering. So without further delay, here is snapshot into my chunk of the universe last night. Dream Log night of 12-12-13





Hey Nerd Love! Very cool

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Hey Nerd Love! Very cool dreams! The arc that you mention reminds me of something I heard recently (think it was Cobra?) about us being electricity, and that those in the know, the elite learned in the mystery schools how to manipulate the electricity, or the arc. They called this the arc of their covenant, their hidden establishment. You may be meaning an ark, like a boat, but the word arc brought this idea to mind. Also, we know that the cleansing is going to soon happen, and that fire is a clearer and a cleanser, so that could be what that part of the dream is about? Lastly, in May of 1975 apparently, according to Cobra, in the webre interview (in one of Cobra's recent posts), the archons, opened these portals in certain areas and then brought in the reptilians into the hidden underground bases and higher hidden realms to create havoc for Humanity. I was 10, and it being close to May, like the end of it or something, cause it was hot and sunny the next day, that I had a vivid dream that I still remember clearly about being outside playing in a beautiful meadow with flowers, my pets, and that I was actually able to hold rainbows in my hands. I even remember that they felt cool and alive in my hands and that I was really in total joy to be holding them. When I came inside in the dream, I remember being brought to a bathroom where the rainbows had turned to sort of a liquid and ran out of my hands into the toilet where it was flushed. I was devastated, and wondered if I would ever be able to play like that again. This dream deeply affected me, as I felt that I lost something of extreme importance, and have been waiting for a long time to get it back. Well it seems as if, in your dream, the rainbows have come back, and are now assisting us in a different manner! COOL! Maybe these dreams are somehow connected? The Rainbows could also represent us, the Rainbow tribe, who left and then now are back again too. So Cool! Thank You so much for posting Nerd! Much Love to you!!