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Pruning the Non-Resonant Energetic Branches of Life

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Look at he well deveoloped ego mind, certain of its correctness!

Greetings Dear ones,

Higher self here, maybe someone else. <grin> What is it that steers you away from your purpose? What is it that you are constantly trying to do but always get pulled away from? Why is that? What are the possible or likely culprits? What are you struggling with all the time or just frequently that you can’t quite get yourself to conquer? This body in its current incarnation is a troubleshooter and technical by nature and has a decent ability to eventually get things right. Perhaps there is a divine plan at work that your ego is battling against. Perhaps your ego really wants to do items A, B and C but can’t quite get there for some reason and this happens all the time? The rest of the alphabet keeps wanting in on the action.

Maybe there are divine influences at work in your subconscious that you are either fighting or denying.  Your ego or behavioral programmed mind keep trying to do certain things but you never quite get there in the timeframe or manner that you originally intended. Maybe you are actually operating in a divine-influenced timeframe that is not linear at all. We all have a menu of life paths to choose from. Some people have more choices than others for varying reasons. We consciously or unconsciously choose  from these on a minute by minute basis. We are after all in a free-will world and this law constantly applies. So what is it that you choose to do now? Is it in your best interest to pursue this path right now? Perhaps you are on a wild goose chase yet again? Maybe you have been on wild goose chases your whole life for more reasons that are not entirely of your own making?

Is This What Invoking Pleadian High Council Healing Chambers Feels Like?

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There were a bunch lie this next to a pier.

Yesterday I came across somebody’s Pleiadian High Council healing chamber invocation. For the life of me, I can’t find where it came from. You basically connect to your higher self after grounding, then to your multi-dimensional self, then call to the Pleiadian High Council. Then you request a healing session and stay in that vibe for as long as you can. In my case it [meditation] usually involves passing out whenever I relax. Just ask my wife. Meditating for me usually ends up being naps because I am usually just plain too tired to relax in a chair and clear my mind and retain some degree of control. My body takes over and says “thank you very much” and proceeds to shut down for awhile.

Yesterday, when I came across this website I did the process and added the caveat to wait a couple hours until I went to bed for the night. Enter my dreams from last night. I HAD to write them down today in order to at least capture the information. I will excavate these type of logs later on once more puzzle pieces have fallen into place.

So without further delay, here is the dream. I can at least say this: I think I did make some sort of contact last night with a fleet of ships. To see them in dream time and remember it is about all I have ever been able to do, so I will have to leave it at that.


Dream log night of 12/21/13

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Last night was an unusual one in the sense that I can recall roughly three separate ones. I think it is relevant to what a lot of us are going through right now. I will refrain from analyzing it very much but I think it will make more sense in the future but right now it seems as if we will soon be inhabiting a higher vibrational existence that others in a lower dimensional awareness will not be able to perceive yet.

There has been assistance given to us that will come in handy in the days ahead, or maybe just for me. Maybe I have been in the fight for so long that my ego has trouble letting go and surrendering. So without further delay, here is snapshot into my chunk of the universe last night. Dream Log night of 12-12-13



What does the divine masculine rising mean to us?

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Greetings lovebots,

Nerdalicious here. I been pondering a few things this week and it has come to my attention/consciousness that the divine masculine is finally rising. I can confirm that it is in progress with me anyways. But what does it mean? I had a reading with Lisa Gawlas this week that confirmed what I had been hoping for at some point in my future. I have been meditating on balancing out my masculine and feminine aspects of my energetic systems.

We all have both aspects of our being here. Each has its function. Masculine energies are the structures into which we place our feminine creations. Jim Self goes into this in his new book that I am still reading (almost done).  As we work out our inner issues and rise in consciousness, our ascension requires a balanced approach in order for us to properly enter into the kingdom of God and the Golden Age now upon us. To be out of balance means that some aspects of ourselves is not being addressed and requires release or healing.

Anyone seen the movie Epic?

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Last night was family night in my house. All my closest nerdlings were snuggling with me and my wife on the couch. We watched Epic on demand. It was pretty good. I won't give a dissertation on how great it was. There were a bunch of themes to compare and contrast for the analytical hearts and minds. The last song as the closing credits started!!! I truely recognize heart space resonance when I come across it now. At first it caught my discerning ears, then my heart lit up like a christmas tree. Tears of joy almost welled up by the end. So being the lightworker I am (heh heh) I got the whole soundtrack. We're supposeed to pursue our passions, right? I love Danny Elfman btw.....all way back to his Oingo Boingo days. Anyhow, the soundtrack has about 18 songs on it, all by him except this last one. Beyonce sings it. It's called Rise up and is on youtube. Next time I'm vjing in TC I prmise to play it. Wow wow wow...... ~Nerdalicious

Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye bye.

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What if life were like one giant MMORPG? What would it look like? Wouldn’t it be cool if our true reality were very similar to this model, which of course would fit the fractal model of the universe. Here you have two options: living the human avatar in the game of life in either the first person or the third. You start out in the first person, all new and ready to explore the world. You set out to gain experiences and upgrades and you have lots of “victories” and “defeats” in this game. It ironically does seem that way in our evolving understanding of the universe as time goes on.

Then you realize something: there is a whole new level to playing this game that you heard about from others in chat rooms. It’s called the third person and you get to do things that you couldn’t otherwise get to do in first person mode. In order to play a game in the third person, you are no longer experiencing the game by viewing it through the avatar’s eyes, but a higher set. You can control more options in the game, you can do things such as pause it, perform repairs or upgrades, warp between screens or even worlds, and lo and behold even chat to others that are not even near your little guy down there. How kewl is that?!

Our message is getting out there

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Greetings lovebots,
Just a quickie post here. I just had a very odd and very deep experience. I don't know of an elegant or even great way to put this out, but I will just put it out here. I was having my usual datenight with my wife and we dedcided to watch an on demand movie. I had heard about it and had seen trailers for it. Plus earlier today I was lamenting at work at how I miss tv and movies. Old 3d habbits die hard, right?

Well sort of, we get to pick which experiences we want with more clarity than before from a 4d perspective at least. Tonight was such a night. I decided to take the plunge and rent one.

I have quite the sensitive funny bone and have a tendency to blast too much cheese/love/5d all over the place. I also have a B movie fetish that I sadly haven't much time nor taste for anymore. I nailed all of it in one shot: Warm Bodies

This movie to put it simply won't win any awards but I listened to spirit and was rewarded. It is deep!!! Holy cow they must have lost bladder control while filming this film. How often do you see a zombie movie with a romeo and juliette scene? My wife is a very picky movie goer and its not for everyone, but if you look past the blood and guts, the commentary of "R" the main guy, is hilarious and deep on a metaphorical level.

I asked my wife near the middle some questions like this and whether she was processing it on this level. The answer was not really but by the end she was as into it as I was! So if you're in the mood for a very different perspective on how movies should go, you're not totally turned off at zombie guts and such I think the movie is worth the price for at least the self- introspection of a dead guy coming back to life.

How many times have I been rescued?

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You ever wonder just how much divine intervention we are in fact receiving?  Down here in physicality-land we need evidence in lieu of 5D knowing. We have thoughts and impressions as to what is happening on a quantum chanelling paradigm, but do we really know? I have yet to have what I would call a conscious higher dimensional conversation. I know many of you out there in cyber land have the same situation. Quantum chanelling is not a new concept but it does warrant some  ‘splainin.

By now most folks acknowledge that we pick up others’ thoughts. We have these etheral antennae that pick up whatever. Granted, the tuner has been basically stuck in a very narrow frequency band for at least 13,000 years, but that is not the point. Most golden-agers (as I call them) have read what is commonly called “chanelled” information. Those people that write these “channeled messages” are what I call the lucky ones. Religions call them prophets. For reasons I can only attribute to pre-birth planning, these folks have lived some or most of their lives with either a wider frequency band tuner or at least one that is more compatible with contact to other entities. They are able to get their info with varying degrees of clarity. I am not one of these, but I digress.

I AM Love Incarnate

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love blast

These are the words that I boldly proclaimed as I stared down my demon[ego] into oblivion last night (7/8). It was in charge of controlling and manipulating those in the office that I was visiting (mission). I don't know if was real or not, but I asked spirit before going to bed last night the opportunity to face my fears during dream time and it answered.

All of us are facing our fears right now. It is a primary obstacle in humanity's emancipation. [Also in line with other posts...kewl!] I'll never know if this has any bearing in reality; if it was anything beyond a manifestation of something in my head or if it indeed did happen somewhere. But if it did, I told spirit guides and higher self/I AM presence to spread the lessons I learned far and wide, because it was a very effective tactic that I employed. I won't go into the details at this point mainly because it isn't that relevant, I'm not going to worry about that. What is important is the lesson and what it entails.


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