Dreamt of The Moment of The Shift

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Just awoke from a dream feeling very nauseous. We were doing a test run for “the shift”. It seems I was on a spaceship with many others. There were a couple of ways things could work but we were all desirous of the most optimum one manifesting. Reports were coming in from all parts of the earth as we sought the exact moment to “shift”. It was a huge effort involving incredible coordination on multiple levels. There was something about our eyes and frequency. I held my gaze with many, knowingly accessing deep peace inside. All had to be attuned, creating a hum, a vibration that would break through the veils and create the necessary movement. There was tremendous excitement as well as the knowing that we had trained for this moment for eons. No one knew the exact timing as it would happen when everything aligned. We held our stations, an all hands on deck situation, knowing, this was it. Alarm bells went off in one sector, our focus trained there to move it to the necessary frequency. Over and over we attended to the various disruptions or hot spots.

I awoke feeling ill yet knowing we are close. Closer than so many believe. It is but a blink of an eye. Prepare yourself emotionally to awake to a new world. Ha, how can we prepare for such a shift? By moving in every moment, into the love flame in our hearts and trusting that we are meant to live that love in all ways. By letting go of worry or concern about the future and living fully present in the now moment. By letting go of the past with its stories of wounding and suffering. Let it all go. Surrender in every way that you can and breathe in the peace. Feel every feeling that comes and let it play through you until it plays itself out. Hold nothing back. At the bottom of every feeling fully felt, peace awaits. Forgive everyone for everything ever done to you or by you. Forgive yourself most of all for all the ways that you have disappointed yourself or fallen short of an imaginary mark. Forgive God for all the wrongs you have heaped upon Her/Him. Turn to gratitude as an antidote to denser vibrations. Know yourself as lovable. Know that you are so loved. Know that you are love.

The animals are showing us how to hold the vibration of peace. Tune in to them.

The animals are showing us how to hold the vibration of peace. Tune in to them.

This shift is coming about internally, heart by heart. It then goes viral and shows up externally in our world. You hold a piece of this and it is being called for. Are you at peace? If so, sound your note, loud and clear with everything that you have. If not, do the work of clearing all that stands in your way. We cannot create peace on earth from outside ourselves. It comes as a result of each one being the peace. That means you cannot be violent to yourself in any way. If you want to live in a gentle world, then speak gently to yourself. Care for your body in gentle ways, thanking her/him for its service. Be the peaceful observer of your life, stepping back from drama or judgment of any experience or person. Open yourself to all that comes into your world, knowing that you have created it, in coordination with your higher self, for learning and growth. Trust this implicitly. Everything that enters your world is for your expansion. You are so loved that the universe conspires to bring what you need, to your doorstep. Listen to your intuition and show your respect by acting upon it. Hold a field of love for everything, knowing that everyone and everything wants only to know it is lovable. We are here to bring it all back to love.

What a privilege to be this love in expression. What miracles we are creating. I am ready. Believe yourself to be, and you are. We are not novices at this game. We are highly trained warriors of the heart, brought to this earth to free it from bondage. The sixties love revolution planted the seeds. We are ready to harvest those loveplants which have grown in our hearts. This world is crying out for peace. Align your peaceful heart with all the others and see it spreading like wildfire. A conflagration of peace lighting up Mother Earth. Any moment now……hold the vision with me and we will be there. I love us all and I so love this earth.


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I Know How This Feels

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I know how this feels also. I can remember. And I have felt preparation for this lately too..

 Love and Light to all of us




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Dear Sharon,

I am so glad that you remember. It is so wonderful the way we are all working together to bring this about. 

Blessings of liquidlovelight flowing,

in gratitude for your service,



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Umm, her name is SHAREN, ok?

That's OK

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That's been happening all my life, , It doesn't bother me. But I sure appreciate you caring.