The Shift

Dreamt of The Moment of The Shift

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Just awoke from a dream feeling very nauseous. We were doing a test run for “the shift”. It seems I was on a spaceship with many others. There were a couple of ways things could work but we were all desirous of the most optimum one manifesting. Reports were coming in from all parts of the earth as we sought the exact moment to “shift”. It was a huge effort involving incredible coordination on multiple levels. There was something about our eyes and frequency. I held my gaze with many, knowingly accessing deep peace inside. All had to be attuned, creating a hum, a vibration that would break through the veils and create the necessary movement. There was tremendous excitement as well as the knowing that we had trained for this moment for eons. No one knew the exact timing as it would happen when everything aligned. We held our stations, an all hands on deck situation, knowing, this was it. Alarm bells went off in one sector, our focus trained there to move it to the necessary frequency. Over and over we attended to the various disruptions or hot spots.

Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ Is life Doing You or are You Doing Life? By Debbie Erasmus

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I guess we have caused quite an uproar. Our last conversation went viral and people are wondering which article I was referring to. I am not about to say which article it was, as it will serve no purpose now and I’m sure Michael will agree with me. Let’s carry on now with our normal conversation, shall we?


Yes, let us talk about the conversation you had yesterday with a member of your family.


Okay. [Note: My family are unawakened and ‘stuck’ in the ‘Life is doing me’ way of thinking.]


I like the title you have chosen by the way, as that is a good question to ask yourself today.


The title came from you my Lord! Why did you choose that title anyway? We are not human Do-ings. We are human Be-ings.


Yes I know, but why do you think I chose that title?


Because these are good questions to ask yourself:  Am I doing this thing called Life?  Am I being what I wish to Be? Am I following my heart and my dreams? I could go on and on with these questions…


They are all good questions to ask of yourself. But why would you want to ask yourself these questions now?


You know why… Many people are miserable and they do not have the awareness to realize why. Few take the time to sit down and analyze their feelings to find out why they feel that way. Many feel they have no choice but to carry on doing what they have always done.


Why do you think that is?


It's time to push the red button

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How many humans does it take to change the world?  Apparently 144,000.  There is an event, (World Liberation Day), playing out on our stage May 5/6th.  Global change will occur as a result.  Here is more information: and a video as well:


This is a moment to see if it’s true, take a step towards self-determination and grab the wheel.  It takes awareness of the time and about 5 minutes of your day, if that.  No special location, chanting, outfits or incense is necessary.  This is perfect.


The reason this is ideal is because it allows for unique expressions of one truth – the truth of Unity.  On a fundamental level we are One.  We have never taken that idea out of our sacred texts and meditation circles.  We’ve never declared our Oneness.  At one moment, all over the planet, we will next weekend.  We will speak as One.  This is our chance to tangibly experience our truth.


Some of us have known of our oneness for awhile, others of us just want to be free, yet all of understand a change is necessary.  There are forces mobilized to carry out the initial event, the arrests and removal of those who understand only domination.  They are waiting for a signal to do so; they are waiting for us to give it to them.  It is time to push the red button.


Once it is pressed, our responsibility for action does not end.  The expression “freedom isn’t free” applies here.  Our effort to press that button, although unprecedented, will pale in comparison to what comes next.  It will be time to walk our talk.


Like riding a bike

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So what is it really?  Oneness.  What does unity look like “where the rubber meets the road”?  You and I are one?  Really?  We don’t look alike, do the same things or even think alike.  It must be something I can’t see.  Our unity must be expressed on a different field.


It’s like riding a bike.  You learn once and never forget, regardless the years between trips.  Remember your first time?  It was my father’s hand who held the two-wheeler upright, running along beside me while I chattered and pedaled.  He neglected to mention he’d be letting go.  When I noticed, three things happened in rapid succession – my mouth dropped, a fly flew in and I crashed to the pavement.  But I can ride a bike.


The decision to ride happens in your head.  Your hands rest on the handlebars, turning while squeezing and releasing the brake.  Your feet push the pedals, your legs pump, and your eyes direct while the muscles in your torso maintain you vertically.  Each body part contributes a unique and vital component that results in a bike ride.  You’d never go anywhere if your head didn’t first decide to do so.  If you ask your hands what they are doing, they’d respond “gripping and releasing” while your feet will tell you they are “pushing these pedals”; all true.  Only your head knows the bigger answer – you are riding a bike.


We are connected there – beneath every action and non-action the collective us is doing something, making a statement. We speak with one voice and if you step back far enough, our voice can be heard.


How Pink are we talking about?

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This day has dawned with hope and relative quiet.  There are unseen actions certainly; dramas playing out on this 2012 stage.  Yet here the sun shines and the birds repeat their spring song – “All is Well”, “All is Well”, “All is Well”.


This is a moment to reflect. What am I doing and why am I doing it?  December 21st, 2012 will arrive in less time than it takes to grow a baby.  We are at the point now when the discovery is usually made – you’ve missed a cycle. After twenty dollars and a few anxious moments you are looking at the truth – you are pregnant. 


Once I called that 800 number on the skinny, pink Early Pregnancy Test box, not believing what was in front of my eyes.  I sort of blurted out “How pink does it have to be?”  I could hear the nurse smile as she responded “Congratulations!”


So, Congratulations!  In just 8 months our new world will be born.  We’ve sort of settled on a name (“Next Dimension”) but beyond that is anyone’s guess.  Specifics and personality are as yet undetermined.  We can’t do much about that part anyway.  The one thing we can do is take care of ourselves, the number one priority of every mother to be.


You are a microcosmic version of what is happening to us all – oneness.  This shift in consciousness is here and you are it. Perhaps, as in a human pregnancy, you’ve been a little bit ill and have had to change your eating habits and rest a bit more.  There’s a sense that these alterations have not quite “fixed” the problem.  This would be true.  This is not a problem to be fixed but a process to be lived.


Is This Epic Enough?

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On January 1st, 2012 I released a video entitled “Message to Off World Beings”.  Yesterday, I got an answer.  It came in the form of an interaction with someone speaking for the “Forces of One”.  You can see what was said in the video bearing that name. Both can be found here and on the you-tube channel. 


And that’s the back story to what will most likely be my focus for the rest of this year – Making A Choice – everything else sort of pales in comparison. 


I’ve read and re-read the transcript and although I cannot point to my partner in the conversation, I can tell you how it felt.  It felt epic.  The power coming with the words sort of washed over me.  I felt them before I read them.  I’ve had to look up a few of the terms he used since then, but there is no mistaking how I felt.  I was in the presence of a force unlike any other I have known here. 


The video, “Message to Off World Beings” was released to remind us of our own power, with the added intent of contact.  It fact, I was contacted telepathically a few days after it was released.  I was woken up and spoken to; that energy was exuberant and joyful yet the voice was in my head – I doubted its authenticity. 


This contact was not in my head, it was on a you-tube channel.  Really.  You can check it out for yourself by reading the comments below the video: “Message to Off World Beings”.


This only amplifies what has always been primary – Love.  We are without a doubt far more powerful than we imagine ourselves to be.  We are deciding the fate of the planet. The choice we make this year determines the direction for all of life.


Like a Hawk

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It’s really windy today.


Things are moving quickly, even the air.  The wind outside is pushing the air through the budding trees and growing grass.  Without any other options, they move.  I’ve seen a hawk this morning, coasting for a bit on these currents of air, hunting.  He is utilizing what is in front of him, expanding his opportunities, seeing places he may not always see on his usual path.  Perhaps, by riding this breeze, he can relax a bit and not work so hard to get where he is going; focusing his sights on the goal. 


The tree will grow and the hawk will eat, yet for one today’s gale force winds are a boon, while for the other they are potentially damaging.  The tree, rooted and stationary, is losing branches as I watch.  The hawk in flight is about to enjoy a hearty meal.  Let’s be hawks.


These winds of change are blowing through every facet of our world.  We can ride them or resist, the choice is always ours.  The opportunity before us is clear; fear or love.  The wind will blow regardless.  We can lose branches or rise to new heights, depending on which we choose.


A focus on love will allow us to soar.  We were meant to fly, to see beyond the ground on which we walk, to capitalize on every opportunity.  The wind is only a problem if you are unable to move.  It can be a source of power, unseen yet potent.


View these changes as that necessary force to take you where you haven’t been until now.  This is as you have planned it and the propulsion of energy has arrived right on time.  We are ready now.  Our power is enhanced with this wind and not diminished.  As a collective we will see some branches lost.  We are strengthened by this and not damaged, growing ever stronger.


Getting the cake to rise

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This is your moment.  You have come here now so that you would actively participate in this global awakening.  Those of you reading these words or those sitting next to you on the train while you do so, all came to co-create this shift.


We’ve all seen the recipe and thrown our specific ingredient into the bowl. Some of us have taken a turn at stirring things up; others of us are waiting to see what else is needed.  Each of us is ready, yet we’ve forgotten what was on the menu.  In our usual fashion, we are going for the big ending – we want to be surprised, amazed, thrilled and ultimately satisfied.


It is time for us to bring the full force of our multidimensional capacity to bear.  We can be a mom and a healer, a doctor and an intergalactic being, a dad and an ambassador to the stars, a school teacher and a channeler, or a consultant and a first contact team member.  In fact, we are all of these things.


The realization of our divinity and the actualizing of our true power are both happening right now.  We exist in an intensely stimulating and visually mesmerizing world.  It is easy to fall back to sleep, hypnotized by our own creations. Yet we are awake for good now. 


So, how do we stay awake and aware without falling into the abyss of fear?  How can we remain aware of the arrests, the galactic federation and this consciousness shift with calm and control; while managing lives, children, jobs, relationships and households? These are not skills we’ve had to master until now; it’s a bit of a challenge. 


Thirsty for More!

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What is sizzling is kept beneath the surface, while we move forward with day jobs and holidays, purchases and chores that seem at best mediocre and pale in comparison to what we feel is the real “juice”.  Nothing we do on a day to day basis holds much fascination.  We are having a tough time caring.


What’s the point?


The point is whatever we declare to be the point.  All that we’ve created up until now holds relevance as it is our life; no one forced us to create it as we have.  Yes, we’ve been led to believe things that are not, in fact, true, but we’ve had our hands on the wheel the whole time. 


You chose to be here now and experience life in polarity while being conscious of oneness.  The sensations, frustrations, emotions and impatience are par for the course – you set it up like this for the experience!


Oh and what a ride it is!  Extremes of emotion are delicious examples of this humanity.  At a core level we are emotionally driven – it is our focus that births creation – our desires create our life – our beliefs manifest into our day to day.  Let’s enjoy the extremes going on for us right now, energetically participate in each moment and get all the “juice” out of it we can.  We are at choice.  We can ignore, toss aside or deeply feel each interaction.  What will you do?


I have never really been fond of juice oranges.  Give me a Navel orange, every time.  Juice oranges are thin skinned and too much work.  They may be full of juice, but not real tasty to eat and a lot of effort.  When they are in the refrigerator, I mostly ignore them unless I am desperate for fruit and there is nothing left.


As If By Magic

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As we go forward in each day, we find ourselves interacting, and although there has been no conscious prior thought about conflict, conflict emerges.  This is not the case of deep seated hatred or even anger; it is the case of two beings sort of bumping into each other.


As this evolution of consciousness moves along, each of us will find an inner definition – the lines are clearer for us.  We are moving from polarity towards unity and we are not yet practiced at it.  We are accustomed to thinking “you vs. me”, “us and them”, “I’ll do this for you”, and “do it yourself, it’s not my problem”.  The concept of “what is good for one is good for all” has not quite entered and assimilated into our day to day.


It is part of the reason we chose to experience this very physical third dimensional transformation.  It is not that you want to enslave anyone; the scale of polarity thinking is not ramped up that intensely for you.  Yet, your thinking still falls somewhere along the continuum of “you owe me” or “I owe you” or “this is required”; rather than “we are from the same human family, occupying the same physical space and sharing the same physical needs with the resultant effect”.


This switch in thinking is a challenge.  We’ve been taught to do things because we were expected to rather than because we are actually helping ourselves when we do.  We each have a different focus, yet we are one.  I may notice it’s time to plant the flowers while you realize the steps need repair.  Both efforts improve and enhance the home and the neighborhood.



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