Earth Ally Will Harader Ignorance, Belief Systems, and Reality

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How does one move beyond ignorance? Well first, one must admit to themselves it's there. This can be quite difficult as nothing offends ignorance more than being called ignorant. When a person gets offended their emotions take control and rational thoughts are few and far between. This is what holds ignorance in place, ignorance can only be ignorant as long as it's ignored and emotional reactions keep people from seeing anything outside their box. People are bound and chained by their belief systems and this is their box. Thanks to ignorance, everything outside people's boxes might as well not exist, to them. Everything that's not inside their box doesn't fit into their world-view, so it isn't part of their world. The problem with this is that Reality doesn't fit inside of any boxes. Reality is only experienced directly, in the Moment, any beliefs you have about it are necessarily less than what Reality is. When you walk outside and see a blue sky, you don't believe the sky is blue, it's a direct experience of the sky being blue. Reality works the same way.

Currently, there's an effort to promote religious and spiritual unity by respecting everyone else's beliefs. This hasn't achieved unity at all, it's only allowed everyone to have their own separate fantasy. If people really want to be unified, they have to be on the same page and that page is already here. It's the Reality that already is Everyone and Everything. The only reason people don't see it is they're so caught up in their beliefs they ignore everything else. A bird doesn't need to believe in air to fly, it has Unconditional Trust in Creation and just spreads it's wings. If people trusted Creation like this, there'd be no need for any religions or beliefs. People would simply live their lives in Freedom and Joy.

Let go of everything you think is real. All of your beliefs, about yourself, about the world, and especially about God. This is how to move beyond ignorance, let go of all your beliefs. People need to be right so badly that they just ignore what contradicts or goes beyond their beliefs. For instance, the belief that God lies outside of the individual stops one from looking within, is there any question why so few have really found God? Now, you likely have a belief that your beliefs are correct or you wouldn't have those beliefs, now would you? Are you looking for Freedom and Joy? Do your beliefs provide you with Freedom and Joy? Or only a false sense of security? Do they truly satisfy, or just keep you busy, running in circles? Ignorance is going to resist these questions, it doesn't want people to be honest with themselves. Those in the thrall of ignorance will either ignore what I'm saying, tell themselves it's not true, stuff any fear they may feel back down, or blame it all on me. Being truly honest with yourself about any and everything you feel is the only way beyond ignorance.

Don't be afraid of moving beyond your beliefs. It seems that one of people's greatest fears is that their beliefs are wrong. Guess what? They are! Isn't that great news? You no longer have to fight against Reality to keep your beliefs, you can just let them go. Get over your fear of being wrong as quickly as possible as it only leads to ignorance of what is outside your beliefs (also known as Reality). Once you let go of your beliefs, those based upon illusion can be seen for what they really are, ignorance of Reality. The beliefs based upon Reality can be let go of also, because without the filter of beliefs you're Free to experience Reality directly. I can tell you that Love Is Everywhere Present, you can believe Love Is Everywhere Present, but without experience of Love Being Everywhere Present, it's only a belief within the mind. Would you rather have the belief or the experience? I'll mention it again, beliefs get in the way of the experience to the point the experience is ignored altogether. At this point people don't really live their life, they just endure it.

What is a belief? Is it reality? If you're so caught up within the mind, the internal dialog, all you can see are your beliefs. You believe your beliefs are reality. They aren't, they're only your mind's beliefs about what's Real held in place by ignoring an Ever-Changing Ever-Present Reality that is always more than you could ever believe about it. Again, would you rather have beliefs about Reality or direct experience? Choose wisely.

Love from the Kingdom of Heaven and Mother and FatherGod, Present within the manifest. Heaven is already Here, on Planet Earth=Heart. Love is already Here too, within you. Everything is found Here in the Present, when one can finally let go of the past.