~ THE TRUE STORY ABOUT Michael & Lucifer~

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~ THE TRUE STORY ABOUT Michael & Lucifer~


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Archangel Michael, the Prince of Light, and Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, locked in battle for all eternity over the fate of mankind, or so the church would have you believe. It's perhaps the most rearranged and misinterpreted story of them all. Allow me to explain a quite different version of events.


A Special Message and An Excerpt from The Return of the Bird Tribes

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WE are The Bird Tribe, and Humanity's Awakening is Truly inevitable. Father God= Great GrandFather is "Great Spirit", The Creator, and I, Mother God, am "White Buffalo Woman"=Great GrandMother or spiderwoman from the Hopi Prophecy, The Mother of Creation. We Are Here Present with you on Planet Earth=Heart~


Planet Earth=Heart is Immersed in Pure Light and Love!! Enraptured in the Wings of White Buffalo Woman[Mother God] and Connected Directly to The Sun[Father God].


An Excerpt of "The Return of The Bird Tribes" By Ken Carey


From The Chapter "White Buffalo Calf Woman"


~ Earth Ally Will Harader~ REAL Telepathy in REAL LOVE

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Humanity's latent telepathic abilities are beginning to active again. Not that they'd ever really been turned off, but they've atrophied greatly from lack of use. Often the younger a person is, the stronger the ability, as many mothers with young children can tell you. As one grows up, one is taught to rely less and less upon their Higher Senses, and to instead search for answers in places like books, schools and churches. What if every Human Being on this Planet had a Direct Connect to the God They Are? Well, they do.

What if people found that Truth within Themselves and shared this Freely with others, and not necessarily through words, but simply by Being Themselves? This is the true meaning of telepathy.



Important Message~ The Real Experience of Making Love~

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Greetings Love Beings,

“In the Spiritual, Upper Realms, The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, Real Making Love is Sharing Love and Truth. It's more than your physical making Love, it's a Much Deeper Feeling and Experience, because it's Real, True and Actual. This was something you could never experience in duality, because duality was all lies, you cannot have Real Experiences in the lies of illusion. Feelings can only Be Experienced in True Reality, where Love Is All there is and Truth is all There is. As We Share and Speak to you Through this Message, We are Making Love with You, as This is what Pure Truth is in Reality, as this Is how The Love Vibrational Frequency Creates, Love in Motion, Through Sharing, Giving, Honesty, Truth, and Unconditional Love. This is where Joy can Be Expressed, Love's Greatest Expression is Joy, through giving and sharing!”

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central. We are Your Family Of Light, From the Stars. We are the First Contact Ground Crew Team, your Earth ALLIES. We come from Home, to Bring you The Light, which is The Highest Truth. We are Here in Service to Love and All of Creation.

Bryan Adams “Everything I do, I do it For You”

~ Exciting and Uncomfortable Moments in the Ascension Process~

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Greetings Love Beings,

Humanity is In Some Very Exiting and for some, Uncomfortable Moments of the Ascension Process , as we are in the final Process's, of Releasing all density within the Body Holograms and this includes Mother Earth, to prepare for Unity Consciousness. This event is Multi~ Dimensional, as this will also result in all the so called dark ones, non~ existence.

These releasing events, are now Occurring through the Chakra System, associated with Your Entire Gland system. As this occurs, it is also activating some Chakras that have been dormant up until Now and Are Just Now Opening. The Total will be 13 major Chakras opened, so that the Body Hologram can embrace the Entire Love~High Frequencies that are coming in to achieve Balanced Harmonics.

 Memories and emotions are dense thoughts, which act on the being as dead weight such as an anchor tying down a boat.These emotions and memories must be released within all of the Chakras. This will also adjust Mother Earth's Chakras as Well, as She Feel's Better, So Will Humanity!~

~ Love Holds All the Cards On the Planet~

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You are Very Powerful Light Beings, of Love and Brilliance. What the Higher Grid, True Reality, Upper Realms, and the Kingdom Of Heaven is, is Pure Thought. When you get to pure thought, which is clear from all lower thoughts, this is when your Co-Creative Powers Open up for you.

If you are in lower thoughts you experience static, chaos, confusion, unclear, and you are powerless. Some of your Other messengers have shared with you about a Crystalline Body form. Being in Pure thought, or Higher thoughts, which is Crystal Clear, is what they are referring to as Crystalline Body, Free of all lower thoughts. This is the Higher Grid, and is where you are then free from the program, where you are Clear, Crystal Clear, no ego, no darkness, Only Love, Light, Truth, and Brilliance, this is called Super Consciousness.

~~Your Family of Light and the changes~~

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 Written by Earth Ally Will Harader


Change is upon us. Though change has always been here, it's making itself much more obvious now. The Planet is shifting, the climate is being altered, sea levels rising, ice caps melting, and the entire ecosystem is constantly adjusting itself. Socially, people are fed up with corporate greed and the governments that protect the corporations at the expense of the people. People are hungry for a break from the dysfunctional systems of the past. An African-American man is president of a country that barely treated his race as human just a couple generations ago. Countries are coming clean about their suppression of information regarding UFOs, and it's now to the point that only the willfully ignorant can convince themselves nothing is going on.


~ Its time To Let go of duality~

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"All of duality was based on lies, as everyone was running around trying to protect their own ignorance, this is what an id does and what an ego does.”

In the duality experience you had a right and wrong, a bad guy and a good guy. You had different religions that claimed “my god is bigger then your god”. You had competition, survival, and positive/negative experiences. Instead of Feelings, which are the Truth and Real Reality, you had emotions, boundaries, rules with added more rules, regulations, mental constructs/delusions of belief systems, and nice boxes to sit in. You played vicious circles of death and dying, victims and villains, and killing each other for God knows What. Treating each other as enemies instead of Family. Duality was just the illuminati's fantasy to put yourselves against yourselves, and to hide the Truth, that you were just their puppets and they were using that for their own advances. If you killed each other, more for them. You were taught at a very young age to be in competition for Energy, that just by being born, you had already sinned and you were unworthy of anything from the start. So your entire existence for you was based on the need to feel worthy. You did this by attempting to please others, [which was just satisfying others egos and ids, wants needs and desires] .



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