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~WE Need Rules Right?~



We need rules right? Well, let's look at what rules have brought this world. The American Indians lived in relative peace and harmony for thousands of years. Not that they never fought with each other, but it was nothing compared to the wars going on in Europe at the time. They lived in cooperation with their neighbors and never had any need for strict sets of rules. Then the white man came and brought so-called civilization. He introduced things like property ownership, religion, all sorts of rules that we're supposed to keep people from fighting with each other. Then the white guys proceeded to slaughter the Indians by the hundreds of thousands. Their rules said they could do it. Even their religions, supposedly based upon a guy called the Prince of Peace, allowed for it. So the rules, that people swear up and down bring harmony to the world, brought the exact opposite and actually endorsed genocide.


But that wasn't the case in the 20th century was it? That was a century when all sorts of rules were passed to enforce human rights, peace and equality. So did the rules achieve these things? Well, let's look at what happened after World War I. Nearly every country involved swore that would happen again and the leaders all made flowery speeches about peace. International organizations were founded and all sorts of rules were passed to make sure a war that destructive would never happen again. People went back to sleep naively believing all their rules and treaties would protect them. Then, about a generation after WWI, when a new crop of young men was ripe for the plucking, the bloodiest war the world has ever known broke out. And there have been constant wars since then despite the United Nations and all the peace treaties and the disarmaments and so forth. We have heaps of rules designed to enforce morality upon the world, and yet the same countries who penned those rules are, at this very moment, dumping millions of dollars into finding more efficient and destructive ways to kill their fellow human beings. So, do rules work? Well, after looking at the facts, any rational human being is going to have to start questioning the assumption that rules bring us peace and tranquility.


The United States has thousands upon thousands of rules designed to create peace, freedom, equality and prosperity. And yet for all these rules designed to prevent crime and injustice, the US has the highest prison population in the world. A country founded on freedom, with all sorts of rules to enforce this, has far more people it keeps in tiny cages than countries far larger than the US. The rules simply don't prevent crime, they encourage it. They don't prevent injustice, they are the injustice. In trying to make people obedient to the system, the rules mostly just breed resentment of the system. In a democracy people are supposed to be passionate about their government. We've created a system where people are mostly just apathetic. Many "criminals" no longer care if they go to jail anymore. They're persecuted just as much, if not more, on the outside. At least in prison they're guaranteed a meal and a roof over their head.


Now I've given examples of the rules not working, but why is it that they don't work? Simple, rules and morals deny the very essence of what it means to be human. We all have a conscience, everyone is able to tell right from wrong, to determine what they should and shouldn't be doing. Through seeing the results of our actions, assisted by our expanding understandings, our conscience matures and grows. How do outside morals and rules interfere with this? They teach people to ignore their own conscience. When we follow outside rules, we don't develop our personal sense of right and wrong. Without that, it's quite easy for others to convince us of all sorts of things. Conscience is a "use it or lose it" type of deal, and it's the same with intelligence. The external rules teach us not to use our own brains. So all these morals and rules forced upon people only cause their own conscience to atrophy. It doesn't teach them to behave like a moral human being, it teaches them to behave like an unquestioning machine.


Now, there's one argument that always comes up when someone suggests that rules aren't needed. It is: "If we didn't have rules people would just run around killing each other". I have only to point to all the wars in the past, and those occurring right now, to show this isn't true. Not only do the rules not prevent people from killing each other, they often force people to kill each other. The governments and religions that tell us "Thou shall not kill" are the same organizations that tell us when it's okay to kill our fellow human beings. Talk about insane. So what causes people to kill each other if it's not a lack of rules? The military knows all about this, just ask them. They know damn well that people aren't born to kill, they're trained to. It takes months of heavy brain-washing to get people to kill each other, it's simply not a natural human behavior. You have to train them not to think for themselves, but to behave like machines and you have to get them to view their fellow humans as machines as well. Human beings don't kill human beings, only machines kill machines.


There's a very damaging belief I'd like to address here, the idea that people are born evil. Take Hitler for instance, many people believe he's evil incarnate. People believe his crimes were unforgivable and the world's much better off with him dead. I could go say these things publicly and people would probably cheer me on. What most people fail to realize, is the way so many people feel about Hitler, is the same way Hitler felt about the Jews. Hitler thought the Jews were born evil, just like people think Hitler was born evil. Hitler thought he was doing the world a favor by killing off the Jewish race, just like people think Hitler's death was a favor to the world. It's the exact same line of reasoning. In thinking Hitler was just pain evil, people avoid questioning why he did the things he did and what led him to such poisoned beliefs. It's no wonder people don't want to look at this, because many would find the roots of Hitler's madness planted within their own minds. In thinking people are just plain evil, we don't prevent such atrocities, we actually encourage them. It's the exact same reasoning that allowed for the Holocaust.




Now, what does the idea that people are born evil have to do with the original subject of rules? I mentioned before that many people believe that without rules there'd be nothing to stop people from stealing from and killing each other. So if this is the case, then people must be inherently lawless and immoral before they're taught rules and morals. I say this simply isn't true and that each being is born with Love in their Hearts. Peace and tranquility is humanity's natural state and all the rules that we teach people do nothing to encourage this. In fact, to get people to accept a system of rules, you have to teach them that their current way of thinking is somehow flawed. Religion figured this out long ago and called it "original sin". People are taught that humans were flawed from the very beginning and the only way around this is to follow all the rules religion gives us.




The implication behind all rules is that without them we'd do "bad" things. Now, thought is creative and when you teach people that they're inherently evil, some people are going to play the part. If you tell a person that humanity is selfish and greedy for long enough, that person's going to act selfish and greedy. The ignorant point to this as evidence that we need rules. I say it simply shows the awesome Creative Power of thought. Imagine if people saw nothing but Love within themselves and their fellow human beings. Do you think they'd treat each other the way most do now? Do you think we'd need thousands of rules to stop people from wronging each other? I tell you that Humanity living this way is fully possible right now. When people find Peace in their own Hearts, having external system to enforce a false sense of peace is absurd.









  Oh no thank you :) no rules

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Oh no thank you :) no rules for me .:)..  Love is the only answer


Love prevails ... thank you for this post , much love light peace and joy

Rules (common  law)  are how

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Rules (common  law)  are how we record our lessons for each generation. Rules essentially aren't a bad thing. The indigenous communities of the world with far greater histories that modern communities still resolved to law and tradition to inform the next wave of immaturity.

The issue is, taking a personal responsibility for our laws...


There's a difference between

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There's a difference between laws and rules. Look at the US Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights. It doesn't put rules upon people, it lists their freedoms.

I agree 100% in some aspects.

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I agree 100% in some aspects.  Yet look at our current Nation even with it's laws and rules....yet still in some ways some must be enforced or created.  I mean otherwise Monsanto shall continue to do what they do.  The FDA will continue taking payouts ect.  So in some way there has to be some sort of common sense guidelines that people can follow. I say common sense because the majority of the people understand and operate with mutual respect for each other.  Then there are those and unfortuantly right now they are the ones currently in charge that don't seem to uinderstand this.  it's because of them that certain regulations have attempted to be placed into effect.  We need a system in place that actually functions correctly.



Creating more rules in

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Creating more rules in reaction to corporations like Monsanto is part of why they're so powerful now. Our system protects huge corporations, and making up more rules is just going to grant more power to those who can afford enormous legal teams. This is what created the mess we're in now, people kept creating more and more rules in reaction to previous problems, which eventually created a system so complicated it's completely disconnected from the people it was intended to "protect".

We need Human Beings that function correctly, and then a "system" that works correctly will flow naturally from that.

I totally agree about rules.

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I totally agree about rules. They are only created to keep people brainwashed and in control. Religion too in my opinion is to keep people in control and I believe that is what Jesus came to teach us that we didn't need the church nor man to save us for the kingdom of heaven was in each of us and many times over he stated that he was no different than we are and he could not heal anyone unless they believed no could he do any of the things he did if he himself did not believe it was possible. I believe they killed him because he came to teach us the truth and I believe that the Bible which was translated and written by man has been distorted as well as much of it been left out so that we do not know who we truly are or what we are capable of. I read a book, called Time For Truth by Nick Bunick who believes he is the reincarnation of the Aspotle Paul and he talks of this in his book. He also claims that the Vatican, from which all religion steams, holds all the secrets and Nick has even been threatened by someone from the Vatican about his book and teachings with his website having been tampered with and knocked offline. He also claims that Jesus was not crucified by the Jews, his own people but by the Roman Catholics who blamed it on them. It's very interesting and your story here reminds me of how we have been mislead and brainwashed for so long and how religion is the key player in all of it. Hell was created by religion to keep people in control but there was an article I read not too long ago where the Pope admitted it was man made. And so many would spin their heads around to learn that Hilter didn't go to hell but it leads me to believe that those who would ever wish someone to hell for eternity need to search within themselves at why they would ever wish such upon anyone for in doing so they are no different. If religion was all that it claims to be why have there been so many killings in it's name and so many children abused because the Catholic preist arent' allowed to marry? We could go on and on but rather since my awakening, I know that I do not need man, nor a church to save me from anything. All truths will eventually come to the surface and that is going to be when we awakened ones are going to have to lead and show others how to forgive and move on.