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I've noticed two types of unconsciousness. The unconsciousness that doesn't realize its unconscious and acts like it is conscious. This is the manic state. And the unconsciousness that realizes its unconscious and reacts with more unconsciousness. The is the depressed state. Every being that isn't in touch with their True Self falls into one of these categories. Duality rules with confusion in illusion, while in Reality you certainly can't experience anything as only having two sides.

Everything in Reality is relative, which means we're all Family. Unconsciousness sees opposites in hot and cold, yet the terms themselves have little meaning without any context. Very very hot on Earth is very very cold on the Sun. Warm for an Inuit is chilly for someone in Miami. Even darkness and light are relative. There are places with very little light, but true darkness, absence of any light, simply doesn't exist. It's a mental concept. In this realm of relativity, there exists no place of absolute light either. This realm wouldn't be this realm anymore if that happened.

The Light that makes up this realm comes from Spirit, and is Spirit, yet in this realm the Light appears as varying intesities of light. That's what the hologram you are currently experiencing is made up of, and it's purpose is nothing more than to be able to experience the Light as endless forms. It's a dance of energy that is absolutely gorgeous for those who have eyes to see. Those in unconsciousness miss the beauty, and get caught up in the program of a mind which reacts with fear and pain to an experience that, in its essence, contains neither fear nor pain.




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Thanks for being light, Will, blessings !

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