Earth, the Ice Cream Store - Heavenletters

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God said:

  You are My beautiful Being. I speak to everyone. If you could but know the joy you give to Me. You may not feel joyful, and yet I have joy through you. Will you have joy in Me?
We call it love. In My case, I am totally unable to do anything but love and love you. You are a favor to Me. I blessed Myself with you when I dreamed of you and created you to behold. I behold Myself in you. Will you do the same? Will you behold yourself in Me?
Be daring. Begin to live life with Me. What are you waiting for? If you are waiting for a signal, I have given you many signals. Accept. Accept My invitation. Anyway, it is not daring or brave to do what you are meant to do. You are just a little slow on the uptake. And suspicious, perhaps. You wonder if I am real. Naturally, that makes Me smile.

You debate with yourself over Me. Meanwhile, you put your life on hold. Certainly, it is better to love God than not love God. If you do not in your heart feel that you love Me, you are holding back your life.
Oh, yes, many would like proof. Proof is in the eye of the beholder, beloveds. It isn’t out there. Nevertheless, Who could have created a dawn or a sunset but I? Who could have created you but I? Who could have assembled the beauty of the Universe but I? I did not sit down like a mechanic and think each step through and draw blueprints. No, I desired beauty and nature, and so they appeared. Is that not truly how desires are fulfilled? There they are. Right in front of you, just like spring. Suddenly desires are fulfilled.
And when your desire is fulfilled, it is easy. Fulfilling a desire isn’t climbing a mountain. It isn’t arduous to get the job you wanted once you get it! You may have worked at getting the job you wanted or it might have come out of the blue to you. Either way, at the ultimate moment it comes to you, it is easy. The world is sprinkled with your desires fulfilled.
Desire your desires, and you may not have to work hard to fulfill them. You simply go in the direction. Prince Charming appears. The sun shines. Silver bells ring. Someone smiles at you. So much in life appears. It is given to you. And you receive it. Receive every morsel. It is yours.
For whom were the stars made if not for you? Everything was made for you, the deserts, the wetlands, Alaska and the Everglades were made for you. If We call Earth an ice cream store, there is every flavor and more names of flavors than you could have imagined. Once upon a time, there was chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Now flavors circle your block.
There is much that you have never dreamed of that is on its way to you. You are being chased by blessings, and they will find you, and you will know you are blessed. When the sun comes out, how nice it is, and the sun is going to come out for you, and you are going to bask in the sun.
The world spins, and you are spinning too. Sometimes you are off-balance, and then you find your balance, and you are in balance. You are collecting yourselves, Beloved. You are becoming cool, calm, and collected. Light is spinning, and you are spinning right to Me. We will be meeting face to face soon.