Echoes of God's Words

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God said:

You ponder:

“Does emptiness exist? You have heard that the core of a seed is emptiness? How can that which is vibrant and fertile and empty perpetuate life? Is DNA emptiness? Is emptiness that which makes DNA ready to carry on life to more than one precise destination? Is emptiness what Innocence amounts to? Are questions part of existence? If Yes, how does life get away with this, for from one question inevitably arises another?”

Further, you ask:

“Does DNA carry life on into Infinity? Does DNA stay Whole forever? Is there no end to Wholeness? Does Infinity mean no end to it? Then it must be that there is no end to life, for it is seeded Infinitely.”

“Why are such thoughts coming into my empty head? How on Earth do such thoughts spring up from one like me who knows nothing, not with certainty, that is. Can it be that I was actually born with Knowledge and then let it fly off without actually grasping it?”

“Hmm, are my thoughts of my DNA flown like dandelion puffs to the air? Of course, it is no surprise that air plays an important part in life. Air carries life and perhaps DNA so that life as DNA continues.”

Now I will speak for you again:

You tend to think that you must be playing dress-up when you pull on a royal robe because you’re sure royalty doesn’t belong to you, not in a million years.

But what if royal robes really are yours and you do more than play dress up? Look in the corner of the robe that you are sure doesn’t belong to you, and you will see your initials sewn in there.

You are sure the idea of you as royalty is preposterous, yet what if it is True? Unimaginable, yet True? What can life not be attributed to, when I say that even all those seen as nonentities are Great Beings? You passed by your gloried Self, somehow wearing unseen robes of Great Stature unbeknownst to you yet never forgotten.

Hey, Beloveds, what if you do have the eyes to see, and incredible as it may seem to be to you, your eyes are wide open, and they see afar.

Or, what if you are a Godwriter? Blessed be you. A Godwriter simply hears the Echoes of My Words. You are God’s beloved dummy who hears My words and babbles them without knowing what they mean, or, you are the last to know. So what if it all is without your knowing, so what?

When you take a walk in the woods and sniff the flowers, and you are happy, how much happier can you be? What if you are simply falling under My Spell? Isn’t this good enough? Or isn’t this even Great?

This is all I ask for you, and this is all that you ask for yourself. Perhaps even far more than you would have asked for, actually far far more than you would have asked for, and yet, more than what you would have asked for has been thrown in your lap, and you picked up all the bread crumbs or simply followed their path and find yourself where you never knew the official name for where you find yourself now. It might have been called Nowhere, yet, Beloveds, look at yourself now. You are Somewhere.

At the same time, you are well aware that you are not at the end of the tunnel. There is no tunnel, yet you arrived Somewhere, even undocumented. Inasmuch as you got here, who cares about documentation?

I say it is documentation enough that your fingers touch My Hem, and I am as happy as ever.

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