Electricity in the Air and Christ/Mary Magdalene Healing

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Over the last couple of days it has felt like there is erratic, jittery electricity almost like static, running through the air. There are strange computer/technological goings on, and feelings of heightened anxiety, scattered mental energy, and difficulty feeling totally settled and grounded. You may also feel the heart pumping more than usual and adrenals going, very similar to solar flare energy.

The energy has felt very Mercury/Uranus in nature and sure enough Mercury and the Sun are both on/moving through the same degree that Uranus is sitting on (16 Aries if you know your chart).

This helps explain why everything feels a bit Mercury retrograde even though we are not in one, and why the Sun feels like it is flaring like crazy even though solar activity is technically low. When a planet touches the same space as Uranus it is like it receives some extra zhoozh, a bit of an electric shock or jolt, and of course we feel it down here especially if we have significant planets or points on or near that degree in our natal chart. (You can check out www.astro.com to see if you do)

Aside from this we are still feeling the after-effects of a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Relationships-oriented Libra that occurred during Easter weekend opposite all this Uranus energy. The timing of this Eclipse feels to have triggered a lot of Christ/Mary Magdalene wounds and healing (that we are only now coming to some sort of awareness around) related to the events/stories that created what our culture now celebrates as Easter.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a sacred, divine union, and that was broken in the worst of ways: betrayal by those they trusted, and massive projection by others who felt threatened by their messages and truth. It was and is a very heavy story*. Many people feel this heaviness at Easter all the time, but to have a Lunar Eclipse on this date expands the number of people who feel it, and adds intensity. A lot of people feel deeply connected to that ancient story be it on a conscious or subconscious level, and some are physically connected with their cells via the bloodline.

So a lot has come up this Easter around grief, fear of what happens when one speaks their truth, loss of the beloved or fear of loss, judgment, issues around trust, and wounds/memories/insights related to our true spiritual/divine power: the power to heal ourselves, the divine right we all have to express our Soul's truth, and the pain that comes when we feel that part of us that has not allowed us to do this, or has been actively repressed from doing it. The power of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine has also come up strongly over, and since, the weekend. We are being called to rise up, to remember and embody that Divine Power. It is time to let go of the past, to let go of stopping ourselves from owning a greater fullness of who we really are.

As we let go, we simultaneously let in that which we have had at arm's reach. Our Shadow will often then be in our face: those aspects of us that we haven't owned. Some are uncomfortable because they reveal where we have held ourselves back, and others are uncomfortable because they show our true potential. If we can find it in ourselves to move through the discomfort, there is gold there for us in all those aspects as we re-connect with more of who we are.

*As we know, the Christ/Magdalene story is one of many similar stories across many cultures, yet this doesn't mean we should discount any of the stories, nor assume that all but one of them are copies of an original. We humans are prone to repeat history over and over again. I say this because even while some people dispute that the Jesus/Mary story even existed, it is certainly being triggered right now in people's cells who have a strong connection to that time and/or lineage.

How are you all feeling? Is anyone feeling the electric zhoozh in the air? Is anyone having huge revelations/triggers particularly around your Divine Power/Christ consciousness/Mary Magdalene/Divine Feminine etc?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015