Eliminating DISTASTE from the River of Life

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11/20/2016 10:03am CT

2 days ago, while waking up from sleeptime, I heard someone knocking.
Q: Is there a reason for the knocking? NO.
Q: Is there a purpose for the knocking? YES
Q: to ask me to do something? YES
Q: with creation? NO
Q: Inner Earth? NO
Q: another dimension? NO
Q: the New Earth? NO
Q: the Old Earth? NO
Q: In this time? YES
Q: Someone I know? N
Q: From the future? NO
Q: from the past? NO
Q: whoever knocked has a problem? NO
Q: whoever knocked wants to stopa potential probelm? NO
Q: Whoever knocked desires guidance? NO
Q: Was it Elohim who knocked? YES
Q: Do you desire me to intervene? YES "PUT IT AWAY"
Q: You desire that I put something away? YES
Q: in my own life? NO
Q: for the River of Life? YES... DISTASTE
Q: Do you desire that i intervene for Distaste? YES
Q: Am I to transmutate Distaste? NO
Q: Am I to transmutate? YES
Q: The River of life? NO
Q: Those holding Distaste? NO.. BEGIN

Having been told to 'begin'... and I don't feel like I have all the details that I prefer to have prior to interveneing... I obey and just figure out which note I am to utilize to do the transmutating.

Hold the note for 5 minutes.

Q: Did I transmutate the situation regarding Distatste? YES
Q: Is there more that I am to transmutate? NO
Q: was there another reason for the knocking? NO
Q: was there another purpose? NO
Q: What did I transmutate? THE SOURCE OF THE DISTASTE.
Q: Is distaste an emotional state? YES
Q: is distaste eliminated? YES
Q: Is there a level of distaste in the River of Life? NO
Q: is there a percentage of distaste in the River of Life? NO
Q: What would be the consequences of this intervention? GREATER DISCERNMENT BY EVERYONE.