Embracing that All Pervasive Non-Dual Reality

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Dzogchen says it, so does the great Tao, as do countless of old religions and philosophies. So why are we still so rooted in duality and seeing everything through the lenses of duality?

I just read one of my EnneaThought daily emails for my type (7) as of March 27th:

"The Holy Ideas are universal perceptions of non-dual reality that are transformative no matter what our type. When we know the Holy Truth all sense of separateness, alienation, fear, and desire ends. We feel our unity with the One and realize that it has never been otherwise. (Understanding the Enneagram, 59)"

When it comes to it, deep down inside, we see and feel everything is connected. Never has this been more obvious than with the pandemic spread of the Covid-19 virus. It slowly started in one country, spread to neighboring countries and took to the world in a month.

In a year of low-brow elections where the choice seems to sadly gravitate -- yet again -- to a right versus left, Democrats versus Republicans. Isn't it time to stand back to see the bigger picture? IT would be nice to say no thank you. You, political parties, haven't done anything in decades but divvy up power among yourselves. It's time to let the adults back in the room.