Embracing the Pure Potency of September

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What is going to happen in September? There are some potent eclipses and an Equinox in September. Lots of predictions are circulating which have a range of many perspectives. Some people are concerned and some are ecstatically hopeful. What will happen in the world? Nobody really knows what will happen, and I see these shifts like the recent August 8th Lion's Gate or Infinity Portal Date as days to align the self, to come into balance, and to be more connected with source and embody our higher selves in our human forms. I laugh as I sense the galactic beings are all on the edge of their seats watching Earth to see what happens. That is why Planet Earth is one of the most exciting Reality TV shows for watchers and guardians because we are co-creating, collectively what the future will be. We do that with the vibration of our hearts, our vibrational voting with our level of attunement within and unity with the universe.

I do know that the more we go inward into our hearts, step into love and release negative expectations or fear, the better will be our own experience and the experience of everyone. Let us do that now! Enough hearts can change any predictions toward the good of all. It is really all about our internal mastery, and internal shift within. We are each experiencing the journey on earth as individuals, and we also experience our ascension process individually in our own ways. Yet we are connected and doing it together. It is like timeship Earth is going through some experiences that we as a collective experience.

Since we are in a variety of dimensional spaces, or timelines, or frequencies; there are a multitude of experiences possible. The more love and less fear we have within, the more magnificent the inner experience. That is mirrored on our outer experience too! This could be described as unifying, of parts within to come through the shifts with more wholeness, within and without. So it is an internal shift that is possible. There is absolutely nothing to fear in this! Our hearts guide us through. We have come here to experience these changes. Paying attention to what is going on inside is what creates our hologram outside of us, in our own mini universe. The inner creates the outer. A “mini universe” of the self could be called the energy field. Our mini universes connect and effect one another.

A Tipping Point for Earth

The idea that many spiritual people enjoy is that the more awakened and unified, in their hearts and attuned; the sooner a tipping point for Earth will occur. A tipping point can be described as “the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.” Another way of describing this tipping point of Humanity come from the book Love Without End. “It will all begin with a reverent respect for the ultimate power. When that understanding is attained and activated by a sufficient number of people, the entire paradigm of humanity will be lifted above its belief in energy as force. In the face of enough love, force loses its power to dominate consciousness. From that point on, consciousness will wake up at quantum speed. The change will be so powerful as to bring answers by the second.” The inner creates the outer reality, and when a group of people, the collective reaches that tipping point inside, it starts to create a big shift on the outside. When will the tipping point happen? The answer is uncertain, yet September alignments and the equinox are opportunities for receiving cosmic rays and activations that accelerate our DNA, our unity, our mastery, and our spiritual unfolding. To assist in the highest outcome for ourselves and the planet, we are called to allow this to be a time of focus on our mastery, and our unity,

See the dates in September as these incidents that instigate change within. It is up to us to ride the wave of these alignments by working to assist our own mastery, and the collective change on the planet. Meditation on these alignments has revealed some information to share about them that came through in meditation. Let this be a suggestion to you to meditate on the subject and see what comes through for you! And share what you discover with others.... all to lift us up together and inspire one another. 

First of all, a way of mastery of the self is to see from a more cosmic perspective rather than the personal individual perspective of what is happening. As of July 25th, which was the Day Out of Time in the Dreamspell calendar, we had an opportunity for forgiveness and the knowing that “all that has been done by ourselves and others is experience” so it is now let go. This idea of letting go continues as it raises us to the highest frequency. 

Role Playing and Actors in this Game

The view is to see us all as role player or actors here. We are One universal being broken into fractals, playing out roles for the experience and learning of the larger being we are along with the learning within ourselves. This is the true mastery to know we are role players and everyone else is, and all is to serve our evolution. The awareness, on the highest most awake timelines, is that we are moving from role players or actors with one another (with forgiveness) to universal beings. The frequency of neutrality comes in more and assists us with feeling unconditional love for ourselves and everyone else, no matter what role they have played. The scripts for our role playing are being thrown out. Soul contracts to act out roles with others are being completed. I see lifetime upon lifetime patterns being completed. Cycles of 5,000 years are now ending! This means the end of lots of suffering for us who embrace this knowing. It comes through mastery, through rising to this higher perspective of neutrality, and through disentanglement in the dramas. It does not mean we need to be victims to another's mistreatment. We can put up boundaries to those who are still playing out the roles, that are not universal enlightened beings. It means that we are beyond the limitation we have been playing out as an identity and behavior and thought patterns, and emotional patterns. It is a grand healing in neutrality and the Zero Point. The potential for forgiveness is seeing others as their higher selves or universal beings, beyond the character they have been pretending to be. This brings a new lightness into us, and a new way of navigating. It doesn't happen all of a sudden and we may go back in forth. This simple knowing of “We are all actors here, and the time of acting is done” will take us far. 

There are many timelines at play. They are dimensional spaces of frequency and resonance in which we find ourselves. The alignment, of an Equinox and the eclipses point to inner balance. It is a time to align ourselves in balance and the universe is helping us. The timeline of enlightenment, or the “fully awakened” timeline is possible. There are timelines of so much more ease and grace to discover, for everyone. 

Ups and Downs of the Human Experience 

Typically in the human experience we vacillate between positive emotions, and difficult ones. It is like a roller coaster in that we may have good days and bad. Yet this is evening out as we reach for higher dimensional spaces within the self. A friend described it as a figure eight, and infinity loop we travel that is like a roller coaster. We may have joy and bliss one day and the next depression and sorrow or worry. Doesn't this describe what we all have been through? It is part of being human to have experienced such challenge and limitation. It is what we came here to evolve from, and we wish the whole collective to evolve beyond suffering as the Buddha and all Bodhisattvas, ourselves, came here to offer. My friend described the figure 8 or infinity loop that we travel as spiraling upwards, or being stretched out if you look at in a multidimensional not flat or 2D way. We slip through the middle of the figure 8 where we pass through the balance point of the zero point. See ourselves as ccalibratingto the Zero Point. We will be more in the center of the figure 8, where we have fewer ups and downs, without life being such roller coaster. There is great value, as the yogis in ancient times of India knew, in contentment. Contentment or satisfaction is called santosha in Sanskrit and is this state of being that represents the neutral state that will really help us as we embody it. The Zero Point is in the heart, so this indicates heart based consciousness over mind based consciousness. Yes, we still think, yet the heart and mind work together and the heart helps the mind calm down in its mental processing and judgement, and stay centered and balanced. This is the mastery, the self-mastery we want to embrace.

Themes for September

In meditation I received themes for September. One theme is the importance of neutrality in our self-mastery and heart mastery. Neutrality is the emotional space of releasing charges we have about everyone and everything. Charges are judgements. It is rising up to a more cosmic perspective, like a guardian angel might, in seeing the good and bad in all of us and being neutral about everything. It is forgiving all judgments. This is so important. The release of charges we feel emotionally allows us to become “black wholes.” A black hole has a nonzero electric charge, and as an astronomical object. It is a wormhole or a portal. Nassim Haramein describes black holes as having the shape and dynamics of a Torus, which allows information to both implode and expand from the central singularity. Instead of information getting sucked in and disappearing forever to who knows where, black holes are described as both radiating objects as well as imploding “holes”. I am being shown that the eclipses relate metaphorically to the black hole, as in we are going through the black hole and becoming black wholes or portals to other realities. It relates to a metaphor of going through the eye of the needle which is about releasing all attachment to pass through to heaven. Heaven is this neutral space and we are designed to be black wholes, to be portals and to have this zero point in our heart. The eclipses allow us the opportunities to pass to another state of being, like a cosmic reset of the self. 


The Dates of Potency

The first eclipse that we experience is a partial Solar eclipse on September 13. The shadow of the moon will be on the earth. It will appear as if the moon is partially covering the sun. This could be seen as going through the black hole, the dark to come back into the light. My guides say “heart mastery” is key, in that we live from the heart space. It means neutrality and release of charges in being a black whole ourselves. Then we have the Equinox on the 23rd of September. The time of the equinox seems important for tuning into that balance, and that is 1:22 am Pacific Time. The Equinox is a day of equal light and equal dark. It brings the metaphor of balance and also neutrality about light and darkness. The 28th of September is the Full Moon Full Lunar Eclipse which I am hearing as a “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” It is a final Full Blood Moon, or final embodiment of the new consciousness potential available. All the alignments are to bring forth awareness of all shadows and light, integration into wholeness, a going into the dark to come out into the light with transcendence. 

What helps with our heart mastery and neutrality? September, like all alignment dates, is an opportunity for inner alchemy. Tuning into our inner guidance helps us know what is best for us, and we may be called to gatherings that are group meditations and multidimensional experiences. We are encouraged to engage in anything which opens the heart, that which helps us feel more love and simplicity, and that which brings unit within and among is all of value. Many blessings of love and support along the way for this September and beyond, and may you ride the wave of spiritual evolution and may we all see evidence of the tipping point to love happening all around us, and so it is. Thank you for being.


 ~Shivrael Luminance River at Akashic Intuitive and Diamond Light Networks