The Ships

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Dementia and teleportation

Submissive impacts

Sustainability and paramountability

Terminological demands and suspect analysis

Temporary designs (Confrontations) and (Terminological Concepts)

Portending fabrics have shifted profoundly, decisions to go further will result in new found information.

Portended fabrics are submissive, temporary grid ratio is in decryption for analysis.

Temporary fractals are assessed from a neutrality.

Contemporary stops are initial from fractal access codes; given for/from submissive impacts.

Inquiring on ships orbiting the planet... Sustainability is portended to fractal access code, divination is in suspension for hyper active fields which coalesce at individual points around the Earth, and Decisions to go forward are fabricated at a newer consensus.

We are now entering the Galactic Federation of Light.

This message should be portrayed to individuals in need of fractal access codes for a temporary adjustment in advances within somnambulistic levels of trance... Divinations should break the trance and help achieve higher sustainability in future contact trips.

The message will now begin.

We are here now with you to sustain hyper imperative routes to augment you towards a transmission which is held under current form of the Galactic Federation of Light.

To sustain this connection we will augment in our inertia to wright until a trigger point is reached for coherency.

Advancing in Core Groups

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To sustain a higher connection we will give about mindful meditations to have us sustain memory at its greater expense.

The Imaginative forms of our creations should supply us with future creations which will temporize the hyper velocity factors which brings about contact.

Additionally we will not come in contact with ones whom are not ready as for the causation is temporarily adjusting some of the lower excerptions within the memory which may cause fear in the populace... As we give little bits of information which shifts the amount of time it takes for them to realize a concept, we will be bringing into better causes, while having adjustments made to our hyper velocity factors which will conjoin in a metamorphosis… An advance conceptualization of realities core adjustments which are made from systems far away as Andromeda and Linksys which is new in mentions of our understandings.

By allowing co-immersions which are achievable by hyper active fields we will sustain experiences which comes off grids as for the exemptions we have at remarks made on grid can potentially be linked to the Network which sustains our lives experiences of Love and Joy. This means that a temporary patch should be attempted to fixate on problems which are needed to be solved for future generations while we allow humans to work at their greater potential in fields which they develop as synergetic formations which conceptualizes new mathematical proportions to understand forces which are beyond are known levels of consciousness and reasoning.

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Embracing the Pure Potency of September

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What is going to happen in September? There are some potent eclipses and an Equinox in September. Lots of predictions are circulating which have a range of many perspectives. Some people are concerned and some are ecstatically hopeful. What will happen in the world? Nobody really knows what will happen, and I see these shifts like the recent August 8th Lion's Gate or Infinity Portal Date as days to align the self, to come into balance, and to be more connected with source and embody our higher selves in our human forms. I laugh as I sense the galactic beings are all on the edge of their seats watching Earth to see what happens. That is why Planet Earth is one of the most exciting Reality TV shows for watchers and guardians because we are co-creating, collectively what the future will be. We do that with the vibration of our hearts, our vibrational voting with our level of attunement within and unity with the universe.

I do know that the more we go inward into our hearts, step into love and release negative expectations or fear, the better will be our own experience and the experience of everyone. Let us do that now! Enough hearts can change any predictions toward the good of all. It is really all about our internal mastery, and internal shift within. We are each experiencing the journey on earth as individuals, and we also experience our ascension process individually in our own ways. Yet we are connected and doing it together. It is like timeship Earth is going through some experiences that we as a collective experience.


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2015-04-01 05.39.57

What we have now as decisions are paramount to all liability consoles which support our groups for further resurgence at the anomalies while taking care of free judgment in parts where we are lost in despise of actual demands.

Contemporarily the fabrics which helps us shift in deeper processes will enable us to duplicate codes for the ascension protocols… More likely the intelligence which is conceptual within fractals of thoughts can be deciphered for an additional round of data in what we wright about, more so in depth processes may help us understand the greater fabrics which can shift altogether at greater lengths to help supress the inactivity’s which compromises the effects of our beloved ones, people whom act in accords to substantial things as the remarks we carry on from forward judgments is conceptual in recreational classes that composes the numeric stand-still we can get.

Its effects are classified lightly as for the components which gathers the intelligence from levels of divinations helps the process in for resurgence of the telepathic nodes/modules.

Clairvoyance has prospects in many decisions while we make corrections of the actual grid type commands for internship on components deriving off a chain of commands which has been regarded as decryption of the grid type ratios.

Perpetuated Systems

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March 27th 2015

Perpetuated Systems

Fractals acquiescing in disruptive venues, temporal flux is justified on attempts to relocate star matter...

Frequency is coming to fruition from abundance programs, while adaptive to the sub selective flows of our lives purposes.

On accounts the sub selected flows grow in abundance on perpetuated systems, for fall backs when acquiring predisposed fabrics.

Contending field viewers are in aboriginal synapse, given on occasions the sub selective flows grows predominantly at fractals while acquiescing the internal “combustion” (activity conformal to irregular synapse)… In attempts to relocate matter, (disruptive energy) in currents, while simplifying flows, which were given in introverted concepts, for aboriginal synapsis, to contend in the supremum, which acts in accords to the sub intellectual fields of individuals, while governing factors, are perpetuated within accountants, from predisposed fabrics, as for unusual activity in irregular synapses is adnominal in querying attributes formal to sub type groups in these pertaining matters.

While contending to the supremum, what gives in abundance to systems perpetuated at fabrics which can evolve on their own predisposed fabrics while contending to the supremum, some inert concepts (activity) can conform to irregular synapse, which is predisposed in fabrics accustomed to the inertia of momentum while temporarily, they give out subliminal contact codes, for resurgence of the 5th kind…

What Does It Mean to Walk on the Beauty Path?

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Beauty PathIt is when we choose Wisdom, step by step, taking the highest possible path, a path without friction. On the Beauty Path™, we live a life of neutrality and walk in harmony and balance. This happens when we let go of fear and commit to our liberation from the Seven Disempowering Habits: blame, shame, question (“why me?”), guilt, judge, compare and compete.

Neutrality – To live on the Beauty Path one must be neutral to people, events, circumstances, etc. This requires one to be non-judgmental and see with the inner eye. One has to keep his or her mind on Truth, not worldly illusions, and this takes a spiritual practice. This does not mean one cannot take a “stand.” Taking a stand and judging are disparate vibrations with differing motives. To live in “neutrality” requires living without a “charge.” (Charge meaning emotional energy running through one’s body, as in “being hot about something”.) When we do not live in neutrality we then walk on the Path of Struggle.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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