Energetic fields and cords- All is vibration and Energy- Why we swap energy and How to cut cords

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Healing the cause of your highly sensitiveness, If this has to do with your Inner Child.

A lot of people- Do not know how ‘ Energetic Cords’ work/and how deep they go with people- You are connected to from a soulmate-tribe or loved one.
You do not create these cords on purpose. Energetic cords created by energy between two strongly connected people.
These cords/energies are even MORE important then words/actions and even Contact (in reality).
This is also a reason- Worldwide meditations done by millions of people at the same moment- It can end wars or heal a country.

Massive fear, created by the media, will create a massive fear and depression collective trauma.
Sending out hating someone- Brings the person you send it to, maybe an illness or weaker aura-system. Remember that it is ALL energy. And NOBODY should be IN your energy- Only You.
When one person thinks of you the whole day- or everyday on certain times- And you have created, or receive cords from the other person to you- You feel another person 24/7 in your aura field- You feel their needs/thoughts/illnesses or wake up at the same time they do, no matter where they are. Someone creating cords to you, without knowing it (Means a daily energetic-prisonship on all chakra’s- It changes your system- )- Or YOU are the receiver of cords- Because you are ‘open’ to feel vibes, to feel safe in this world. Everyone should be in their Own huge soul-energy, and amazing blub of light- Totaly closed and totally in their Own energy. We forgot he that felt.

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Highly sensitive- Because the child left the body to Survive.-
Many people do this- Because being in ‘ the now’, or in their own energy- Can be ‘ scary’, or it is another level done- because in the childhood they were unsafe, so making cords makes you ‘ safer’, or make you ‘ stronger’, because of the cords, you know always how mum and dad are going to react-
So this makes you safe as a child. This is ‘ out of the body-experience- to feel safe, by floating above your body- To feel and see how you ‘ need to survive’. Makes sense? You become HSP (highly sensitive) By floating above your body- After a traumatic experience in childhood to ‘ survive’ the pain. You become super highly sensitive- Because you want to feel any danger or another Trauma- And HIDE before it happens. It means You are not longer ‘ living life’ from within the body (inside)- But you become highly sensitive OUT of the body- To survive the rest of your life- Even when NOT remembering the trauma….

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Picture: Your aura-field, amongst so many other people (Who also might have a lot of entities attached to them- jump over to you- Or their pain/illness/depression, Whatever energy You might feel – being in their aura. This alo happens with phne-call- emails and even chats on facebook). Know how many cords and wires are made daily. You can fully protect yourself daily AND clear  Yourelf daily. It takes daily practiceto stay focused and Clear- But possible! And… You never feel worse- Only Better

The Aura-field unprotected and Open- How to close the gates and gain Your energy back
Nobody can make you feel safe or at home. Every partner of same situation makes you sick, or the feeling like ‘ dying’- To not let it happen again- You make yourself more unsafe and more unsafe to ‘ live life’- You feel ‘ everything’, so you feel dangers (relationships- man-woman-animals-fire etc etc)
Then you create cords with new people- Because Love makes you ‘ safe’, when you forget yourself- Give yourself away- And your inner child makes cords to ‘ survive’ your childhood. That was ‘ Past love’, now it is NEW love.
When you understand you create cords (also cords in past lives), because you think this is love: Or survival- You can watch them and feel them.
You create the cords (or let them in), because it feels safe that you can ‘ feel another person’- all the time- That was created by your child (inner child- ask your guides How old you were … get the number, vision, and ask for healing!)

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HSP-Inner child survival-Techniques
– To survive childhood. Stop it. Hold the child. You do not NEED to make cords again, to feel another person all the time- To protect yourself. This is NOT love. You are grown up now. Hold yourself, the little 10 year old, or 6 year old. You are loved. The children at school, your parents and your family did their best to love you, at the level they know. Now you can love another person by staying in your OWN energy, with your own soul, get back in your zone again- Uncut yourself. It is safe to be yourself and to Not survive anymore. The child is now loved by You. You are finished NOW surviving. You can HEAL it NOW Go back in Your body- there is no danger at all!!!!!! Hold yourself. You are Now safe. You do not longer Need experiences of people that REMIND you of your inner trauma. Done, thnks for the insight. STOP the situation. It is over. Thank you. I go and have a snack, and go to sleep. Yes, this is how simple it is!

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People mostly do not know they have created cords to someone

(unawakened/or not aware of cords/out of safety)- And a lot of people live their life, even with cords to 20 people in their life- Not knowing who they really are anymore! Not knowing who and what their own energy is- anymore- along the way.

With every person you had also sexual contact- You have created cord and swopped karma and dna material.
Cord-cutting is not ‘ to get someone away’, or when you dislike someone- It is even more loving then this. You can love another person AND be yourself in this world, by creating no longer cords to others- Only the cord between You and the cosmos.- And grounding with mother Gaia- Two cords)

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Many cords are made out of fear, to be alone, or out of manipulation- to ‘ get someone’ in a relationship or ex, or out of fear that you ‘ leave’. There are cords between you and relatives, you can cut them all loose. You do not need cords with anyone- It rather makes you tired and confused, and out of your own energy- It does not ‘ achieve stuff’, there is ALWAYS a telepathic energy between soulmates and loved ones.
You will always ‘ sense things’ anyways- and your intuition will always run. Don’t be afraid of cutting cords- And be aware that ALL is energy in your life. So when you feel sick , the energy between you and another is not good. When you feel great and happy- It is good. When you feel loved, it means they send out love. Cutting cords is always good- Even if it is your husband sitting at the sofa right next to you. 

What happens in a session, to clear the aura completely- And place all your inner power back again?

We go back to all the energy you gave away- where it ended up- cut all cords- and awaken your true essence. We put you , grounded in your body again- and close down the aura, after cleansing it.

This might take more sessions then one.

Some of these pictures are aike the energy to be seen (and felt)

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(This is what happens- Energetically- In colour)

This is what I mean without any explanation: This is how the end of the sessions, after our work, the energy and protected field you had originally. This is how You may leave, after we have worked together to clean you Up and to Put you in Your True Power!!!

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Be aware that everything is Energy- And that goes beyond material and 3D.-♥-

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