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The Normalisation of Madness

by Julian Rose

I'm sitting in the departure lounge at Krakow airport, waiting for the flight to Edinburgh. Sitting opposite is a young woman with a pink mobile phone resting against her crutch and a plastic bottle of Coca Cola standing in the same place. The first, slowly destroying her brain and reproductive capacity and the second slowly destroying her gut and nervous system.

She has ear pieces extensions coming from her mobile and wears a vacant, somewhat resigned expression on her face. Unaware no doubt, that she is steadily shortening her life expectancy.

It's a pretty crowded place. The usual array of dominant global corporations display their latest wears in the neon lit sterile corridors that have become the stereo typical environment of international airports the world over. Each processed, packaged product on offer is displayed as 'irresistible'.

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The Heart Is Not a Technological Construct

by Julian Rose

Incorporating: Say NO to 5G Wifi

Post industrial mankind's fascination with material progress has, since the industrial revolution, played the dominant role in the direction taken by Westernised societies. 'The machine', along with the material and financial wealth necessary to own and operate it, has steadily subsumed more human centred values that preceded its dominance.

Fascination with so called modern technologies of the present day, represent an extension of the general obeysance paid to the rising totem of technological 'advances' over the past three centuries. It has led to the point where such innovations no longer claim to be about 'lessening the work load' , but almost openly proffer the claim of being convenience drugs without which much of Westernised society could barely function at all.

Controversially, each step along the way to this point of abstraction has involved leaps of imaginative thinking that draw upon universal energetic principles. The genius of Nicholas Tesla being an example of such. Yet, simultaneously, each 'advance' has brought with it a swathe of deficits to the health and welfare of the natural environment, man, animals and insects; threatening to undermine the very fabric of planetary sustainability.

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Why This Montana Farmer Grows Food Year-Round in Shipping Containers

by , YES! Magazine

Kim Curren, owner of Shaggy Bear Farm in Bozeman, Montana, has worn many hats. She worked in the solar power industry for 15 years, owned her own café bookstore, and worked a stint as a medical case manager. In 2016, Curren decided to try her hand at farming, because why not?

“People always accuse me of having an [attention deficit disorder] career,” Curren says. “I just tell them I’m a Gemini and I get bored of doing one thing.”

One day, Curren came across an article about Freight Farms, a company that upcycles old shipping containers into indoor vertical hydroponic growing machines. After doing more research and visiting their headquarters in Boston, she was sold on the idea.

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Research Measures How Nature and Activity Affect Brain Development in Children

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Nature’s influence on physical brain structure and mental health may be much more powerful than we give it credit. Yes, it has a way of helping people unwind, but it also seems to affect actual brain development in children.

Researchers at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) published a new study on children in primary schools. They discovered that children raised in homes surrounded by greenery had more white and grey matter in the brain. Typically, scientists associate this type of brain matter with increased cognitive function.

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When You Forgive, You Improve Your Health, and Science Repeatedly Proves It

by Anna Hunt, Awareness Junkie

Resentment. Arguments. Grudges. Disappointment. Anger. All of these have something in common. Not only do they make you feel cruddy, they also negatively affect your physical body. When you forgive, you let go of these emotions. This can have a very profound impact on your well-being.

Harboring unresolved conflict can have a much deeper impact on your body than you may realize. Just because you cannot see emotions and thoughts, doesn’t mean they won’t leave a visible mark on your health.

“There is an enormous physical burden to being hurt and disappointed.” Karen Swartz, M.D., Johns Hopkins Hospital

We are social beings. Although many people value solitude, as humans we still seek love, acceptance and companionship. Yet, relationships are not simple. We have little control over the words and actions of others. What we do control, our thoughts and expectations, often get away from us especially in an argument.

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Wildflowers Are the Best Pesticide

by Dr. Mercola

  • Wildflowers are home to many beneficial insects, including natural predators to common crop pests like cereal leaf beetles and aphids
  • Fields planted with strips of wildflowers had 40 to 53 percent lower beetle density and 61 percent less beetle damage compared to the control fields
  • Research revealed the frequency of pollinator visits was 25 percent higher for crops with adjacent flower strips compared to those without
  • Wildflowers reduce pests and increase pollinators, which is in stark contrast to the increasing use of pesticides, which is furthering the emergence of superweeds and insects while decimating beneficial pollinators
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This Man Has Pioneered a System to Make Free Food Available to All

by Anna Hunt, Awareness Junkie

We don’t always have to buy into the systems that society has established as the norm. This is the point that Andrew Barker makes in his TED Talk.

Barker is reinventing how the food system works throughout his local community. He is pioneering the idea of free food for all.

The Grow Free Movement

Barker started out by handing out free seedlings from his garden. He quickly learned that many families find it challenging to buy nutritious, wholesome food. In response, Barker worked to expand his efforts. His work was met with strong community support and evolved into the organization called Grow Free.

Grow Free’s goal is to help people throughout the community to source free healthy food. Their motto: Take what you need. Give what you can.

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Dangers of Processed Foods Exposed in Numerous Studies

by Anna Hunt, Awareness Junkie

To many people, news and research about the positive effects of superfoods are sufficient motivation to eat healthy. Yet, sometimes we need a stark reminder of the dangers of processed foods to stay on track with our diet goals.

When you go into the grocery story, an overwhelming majority of the foods sold have been altered form their natural state. Typically, this is done to make things more convenient for the consumer.

One can categorize processed foods into groups. First, there are minimally and semi-processed foods. These include frozen vegetables, fruit juice, roasted nuts, white rice, etc. These are typically very similar to natural foods and are most-often an acceptable part of a healthy diet.

The second category are ultra-processed foods. In this category, producers use chemicals, food additives, nitrates, salts, food dyes, etc. in the production of food products. Five of the most-commonly eaten foods in the U.S. are all ultra-processed: sugary soft drinks, cakes and pastries, burgers, pizza, and chips.

Below are three pieces of recent research that emphasize what might happen when your diet consists of too many of these ultra-processed and chemical-ridden foods.

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Depression Is Not A Prozac Deficiency & Other Fallacies of Western Medicine


This article was written by Ali Le Vere for It’s republished here with their permission. For more information from Greenmedinfo, you can sign up for the newsletter here.


When people come to me for holistic health advice, my main objective is to provide evidence-based health information supported by the scientific literature. One of the quintessential pillars of my mission is to share those practices with empirical validation in order to elevate therapeutic nutrition to the same perceived mainstream legitimacy as any other science-based discipline.

Oftentimes, however, people thank me and say that they will see what their primary care physician, or worse yet, their specialist, has to say about it. Although I always advocate that you run any intervention or modality past a licensed physician for contraindications and medical advice, I can’t help but flat-out cringe when they tell me they will solicit natural health advice from their allopathic doctor, due to the shortcomings of biomedical education in true lifestyle- and diet-based preventative medicine.

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Energetic & Meditative Rituals with Spirit - Faye Naturales

by Ulonda Faye, Faye Naturales

There is a special energy that surrounds each and every one of us.  Special, in the sense, that it is an energy of our very own.  Each one of us carries a unique energetic vibration with specific codes and patterns.  We journey into the path deeper as we awaken these dormant codes and energy fields.  Knowing that everything around us is alive and filled with energy, we walk the path with great humility and respect for all.

“How do we tap into this energy?”, you may ask.  At each moment, we can connect with our greater energy field as well as with the energy field of the collective.  Most often, it happens as we set an intention to make it an important aspect of our day and life path.

Specific rituals can help us tap into and balance this energy as well.  We set the intention to flow with it and connect with it, and we create specific rituals to encourage a deepening of this process.

I start and end my day, with this very intention, along with others, and I have specific rituals for my specific soul journey.


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