Energy Update ~ We are here to serve Gaia as Co-Creators!

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I wasn’t sure whether to write this blog or not…but then one of my readers sent me such a beautiful email earlier today that helped me to regain my confidence, and my balance. Thank you Lumanthra!

Things are hotting up! To put it mildly… So hang onto your breeches!

It seems the message I received from Michael not so long ago is coming to pass. The energy is churning us all right! Churning and indeed turning us inside out, and in so doing, bringing the best of us right out into the open, out into the Light. It is helping us to release all that we have mis-created which has been acting as the Veil of Illusion separating Heaven and Earth.

It may help perhaps to change our perspective just a little by thinking of this mis-created energy as also longing to return to the Light from whence it came, which it is! This energy is our energy and that means it is Source energy which has been mis-created by us, and just like us, it is longing, yearning even, to be returned to Source, into the arms of Divine Love, just like we are. It doesn’t even matter anymore which of us created it. We are One! We are a Collective Consciousness and there is no more separation in this new energy. We are here to serve Gaia, and to clear the air [ether] of all that we have mis-created as the Human Collective upon this Great Earth.

Those of us who are awake now have been appointed to this task and do it we shall! Let us no more lament about who or what, or how for that matter. The glorious future we are all longing for rests in our hands! Let us use our power, the power that we embody now is literally at our fingertips and on the tips of our tongues! Speak your Truth. And act accordingly.

It may also help to know that we are not doing this alone here on Earth. There are many 5th dimensional Beings who also live on and in the Earth who are of One Mind, who serve Gaia with us. These Beings are of the One Heart Consciousness and it would help tremendously if we as Light Workers make a conscious connection with the One Heart Unity Grid, the Crystalline Matrix, which serves our common purpose, which is to act as Co-Creators in the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia. Together, we of the One Heart are ushering in the Age of En-Light-enment, Peace and Harmony on Gaia.

And so it is, Dear Ones! And so it is.


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Thank you!