Enrich Your Life

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God said:

Beloved, toss out your worries. What do you need them for? What good do they do you? Find other things to think about again and again.

Think how fortunate you are time and time again and again. Look at the blessings you have stumbled on. It’s time to recognize how blessed you are to be alive on Earth. Imagine, you go this way and that, and blessed be to have the privilege to sing and dance on Earth.

If your thoughts are to be worthwhile to you, choose inspiring thoughts while you are at it!

If you are going to redecorate your living room, you would choose a color you like, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t choose a dingy color, especially over and over again. Why then would keep repainting your mind with darkened thoughts again and again? Why keep muddying up the passages of your mind? Whitewash your mind this moment instead.

If a friend were going on a journey today, you wouldn’t give him a send-off that includes: “Watch out for the bogeyman.”

You would say: “Bon Voyage! Have a good time. See you when you get back!”

Beloved, Beloved, life is the biggest voyage you will ever go on. Give yourself a good send-off. Have the best of times.

Of course, you are going on a journey today. The journey's name is Life. You may see it as an installment. Give yourself a good send-off with balloons and beribboned bottles of champagne. Live Life with a capital L. Live Life to a T.

Take a train if you like, fly a jet, row a boat, paddle a canoe. What matters most is what you make of life in this moment.

How you feel becomes the life you reward yourself with. If you desire a new excursion, be new to yourself. Be open. You are the frequenter of your life. How you see your life affects your very life itself. You are, in effect, your own emcee. You are your own interpreter. You connect the dots of your life. You wind your life around by your little finger with your thoughts.

You are the teller of your tale. You name it. You set your life’s tone of voice. You bring your story home. To some degree, you tug life toward you.

If your story could be considered a voyage, you are the one who sets off on a raft, a tugboat, a sailboat, a speed boat, or the Queen Mary. You have some say on the story you reveal.

It is your vision. It is for you to set the tone of your life. Celebrate your life. If you cannot celebrate your life exquisitely, for Heaven's sake, stop complaining about it.

Make peace with your life. Be circumspect about it. There is some merit to your life. Rejoice in it. Acknowledge what your life does hold for you. Look from a different angle. There is a thing or two to be glad about. Don’t clomp around grumpy about your life. Be
not miserly about your life. Begrudge not your life.

Don’t throw your life down the river. Be glad enough that you have a life. You don’t have to be the Queen of the May.

Somebody would be glad to have your life to spare today. Why not you?

You also don’t know all you may reap from this day. Don’t give up on today. It may hold treasures for you. This day may yet hold great joys for you. Confess that you don’t know today’s outcomes. Awake!

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