Entwined We Are

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God said:

To you, I give thanks. I give thanks to you from the bottom of My Heart. Beloved, always know with assurance how much you mean to Me and all the Waves and Waves of Love just the thought of you gives to me. I know your love. I feel it. Do you feel My love, too, as it radiates through you?

Every night I put you to sleep. Every morning, I wake you up. Do you feel My Presence in your life? Be sure to know that I am attentive to you. I do not ask you to sacrifice. I do not believe in sacrifice. I believe in Joy. I ask you to enjoy. Joy isn’t a sacrifice. Definitely, stay away from sacrifice. I don’t want it. I seek your Joy. I want nothing less than your Joy.

If giving and receiving Joy isn’t Joy for you, don’t do it. Believe Me, in every which way, you fill Me with Joy. It is My Joy to attend to you. Our commingled Love makes the world go round. We ride the Merry-Go-Round together. Our Hearts are engendered.

Every day I bless myself that you exist in the Heavenly Realm of Love. Every day I am grateful for your embrace. Every day when I think of you, I feel as you do when Roses in your Garden are about ready to burst forth into bloom. I do feel a sort of parenthood. You are My flowers ready to blossom. I can hardly wait.

You are like bulbs in Springtime, chomping at the bit, suddenly ready to burst through the soil.

Your iris and daffodils have no plaints about the snow or that their feet feet are cold. What do all the flowers do always from the bottom of their hearts when they are ready to bloom?

They bend to the Sun. In Our case, I am the Sun. Give Me your eyes and bless Me to your love which is Our Love. How entwined We are. Who is Who and Which is Which? We do not have to differentiate. We are One Embrace forever spinning around the Earth. We don’t have to splatter-dash as we go around the Universe. All We have to do is to BE. We forever ARE One on One.

Nourish Me, will you? I ask for no special favor. I ask to embrace you, My One Child.

We meet every day. We meet every morning, noon, and night. My eyes and Heart light up when you enter My heart. You grace Me with the Light your eyes cast on Me.

I boldly say that you are My Sunshine. You are the Sun in My eyes reflected back to Me. Tell Me that you know that you are My thank-you to Myself. Never do I forfeit My Self. You enrich Me. You enrich My Heart. You are My Heart’s Journey. You are My Praise to My Self. You may say: “God be praised.” I say to you, My One Child: “May you be praised. Be sure to know that I praise you to the High Heavens. Hallowed be thou.”

The Sun rises in the morning for you. The Stars come out at night for you. We, you and I, are a Circle of Light lighting up the world who always seeks more Light to give – Our cups runneth over. How much Light can the One Heart of Ours contain? How can Our One Heart hold so much bounteous love and not give it away?

If you wish to serve Me, serve a handful of Light from Me to all whose paths cross yours. We are all on the same path, and We all walk together. Do you feel the array of Beauty that We assemble, and how We meet in gratitude for Our Acquaintance just the way the Sun shines. Hallowed be Our One Name, for it is the Name We share.

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