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Words Of Peace

The Nice Sweet Summer Life Of Being Free!

I See Now The I That Is You!

The You That Is I

Through This Unity

I Mirror The Beauty That Truly Is!

I Am LightChild


The Frequencies Are Rising, Rising Higher And Higher Into Inifinity! As We Rise Into Unity We Set Sail Onto The Sea Of Life That Flows Within The Core Of Being! Now We Are Equal! Now We Are One! The Equilibrium Of Life Speaks Up And Says I Love You Unconditionally And I Shall Always For Infinity! Now, Bring Your Awareness To The Equilibrium Within! Focus Upon Your Heart Center Where All Life Exists! Equilibrium Is The Still State Of Being That Is Between Negative And Positive, Up And Down, Left And Right, Light And Evil (Which Only Exists In Duality) The Great Buddha Once Said "If You Tighten A String To Tight The String Will Break, If You Leave It Slack It Will Not Play." Equilibrium Is The Still State Of Being Between Negative And Positive While Being Aware Of Both. Within This State Of Stillness One Is Able To Create The Reality Of Global Wealth, The Reality Of Universal Unity, The Reality Of A Mass Ascension, The Reality That Accepts The Peace And Unconditional Love That Truly Is, One Is Able To Create Unbounded Peace And Unconditional Love! This Still State Of Equilibrium Exists Within Your Very Being! Now We Look Within Ourselves For The Peace Of Equilibrium! It Cannot Be Created By Seeking The Material World! You Are The Greatest Guru Ever! Yes You!!!! There Is No Other Guru That Is Going To Help You Master Yourself! You Are That Guru! All You Have To Do Is Set The Intention To Connect With Your Highest And Purest Self, Travel Inward And See What Happens! You Will Be Amazed At How Much You Yourself Can Help Yourself Become The Master That You Truly Are! You Are The Ultimate Master Of Life, So Start Living Like A Master And Express Yourself Fully! Express The Infinte Love That You Are! Now You CAN Do So! When You Express All That You Are, The Pure, Divine Unbounded Self, Others Feel The Purity And Automatically Express That Part Of Themselves! Be All That You Are, Not What You Think You Are, Not What Others Think You, Be ALL That You Truly Are And You Shall Experience Life Blissfully And Infinitely! Thank You For Connecting And Allowing Me To Express ALL That I Truly Am Which Is ALL That You Truly Are! We Are One! Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja! Be One, Be In Joy! I Love ALL Unconditionally! ~~ LightChild