Equinox Message of Encouragement from our Sisters and Brothers of the Light

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Dear Readers,

I asked for a message today that will set our minds at rest over the huge changes that are currently unfolding all over the Planet. This is the message I received:

You are currently experiencing the most powerful influx of the Diamond Light codes ever. Never before Dearest One has the Earth and her people been the recipient of so much Love! It is there for you, for the taking, for your choosing. Realize that you are the co-creator in your reality and it is up to you what you choose to do with this powerful creative energy. It is through your intention and free will to create the reality of your choosing that you bring forth your New 5D Earth reality. But know that with all great change comes a great releasing also of all that which was and is still being mis-appropriated (mis-created) by those who are not yet awake, or fully awakened, to the great shift occurring on the Earth. Therefore be prepared for great changes both within and without as this great releasing takes place.

Within your own energy matrix you are already seeing how much more connected you are to Spirit, and how much clearer your inner Voice is becoming, and how much more intuitive you are becoming as you align more with the Truth held within the chambers of your Sacred Heart, as you BEcome the God/Goddess, Priest/Priestess of your choosing. You have a keener sense of the intense support and unconditional Love that flows from within you, through and around you, from the Almighty I AM Presence, the Father/Mother of your Being.

Know that you are safe dear One, that nothing can touch you, no harm can come to you within the safety of the Power of the One that exists within you. This is your I AM Presence and it will never leave you. Therefore let go of your fears, they serve you not.

What you can expect with this Equinox is a great sense of Light-ness, of Freedom dear One! Remember your experience is dependent on where you are placing your focus and attention, so therefore focus within, HIGHER, and stay steadfast within your Heart, and keep your awareness centered in the Power of your I AM. Several times a day, take time to go within your Heart and re-establish this connection. Call it “plugging into your Power Source or the Matrix” if you wish. This practice will keep your energy frequency high so that you do not fall back into “the soup”.

You have at your disposal now so many of your Family of Light who are ready and willing to just step in and support your every need, but again, realize that it is up to you to say positive and focused, and not allow yourself to be drawn into the unfolding drama’s. Remember that the closer one gets to the so called “finish line” the more dust is being kicked up into the air! It is not always going to be clear what is unfolding right in front of you, therefore exercising great Trust and Faith behooves you now. You are not alone, and never shall you be. Not ever.

We leave you with our absolute love and support, as always.

Your Brothers and Sisters of the Light.


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