ET Message for the Environment

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We are interested in the welfare of this planet’s environment which is a very rich and diverse biosphere of great interest to the greater life of the galaxy, so we are proposing to make immediate contact with the members of the intergalactic races who have been given the assignments to become members of this planet’s citizenry to carry out their respective mandates here as wayshowers to the general population to bring about their effectiveness as a human and higher race which is living as part of this planet’s environment.


Our contact with you is for the purpose of inviting you to participate with us to forward all efforts to preserve the natural life of the biosphere as it is near its capacity to remain viable due to the constant abuse by the humanoid population which is unable to adequately care for it and to make sure it is in the best possible condition for its continued evolution.


We are a combined group of extra-planetary observers who are realizing the critical level of this planet’s environment, and are now active with you to bring about the necessary changes to promote the recovery and restoration of this planet’s beautiful environment.





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I am intending what I am wanting and it is a Match to this Message.  I am ready for contact anytime.

If you are not living life to the fullest then you are potentially enslaved by the Matrix and not really living at all.  ~Aeon Pi

Humans Have Pushed Earth Past 4 Of 9 “Planetary Boundaries”

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A new paper published on Thursday in the journal Science concludes that the Earth is going to cease to be a “safe operating space” for human beings in the coming decade. The 18 researchers involved attempted to gauge the breaking points of Earth’s environment, that is how far we can push the planet before it begins to become inhospitable for us and other species.

According to the paper, we have already crossed four of nine “planetary boundaries,” which include the rate of extinction, deforestation, the alteration of the atmosphere by pouring carbon dioxide itno it, and the flow of nitrogen and phosphorous from agriculture into the ocean.

“What the science has shown is that human activities – economic growth, technology, consumption – are destabilizing the global environment,” said Will Steffan, lead author of the paper. The paper asserts that these are not problems for us to deal with in the future, but rather require a sense of urgency in the present. Steffan says the economic boom since the 1950’s and a globalized economy are the greatest culprits for the transgression of these boundaries. He says the destabilization of the “Earth System” as a whole could occur in a time frame of “decades out to a century.”