ET Physical Encounters

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These are basic books and online materials which I recommend:


Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs


Penetration By Ingo Swann


Connecting the Dots… Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon 

by Paola Harris


Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA

by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Berra


Serpo at


Eyes Only by Clifford Stone


Hidden Truth,Forbidden Knowledge by Steven Greer, MD


Fire in the Sky by Travis Walton


The Yellow Book 



Excerpts from Alien Interview by MacElroy/Spencer

After reading this carefully, and comparing the Domain frequency to several intergalactic dimensions, I have determined that this is NOT authentic, but is channeled from a small group of advanced people in the USA who are hoping to spread their ideas concerning the Earth and the universe to many people.

The manuscript may have been mailed to the editor by them.

One telling item is that the Roswell / Corona crash occupants had six digits as shown in the Roswell Autopsy film, not three as stated in this.


This story is very well researched, and is worth reading just for that perspective.  Also, the Domain frequency which I experienced while reading it is a very positive and beneficial consciousness raising lightforce.




Area 51: The ALIEN Interview (Full Documentary)