Etna volcano current activity: new strombolian activity at Bocca Nuova

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Source: Volcano Discovery - Update Tue 19 Feb 

New paroxysm from New SE crater
What started last night in fact became in a true paroxysm this time, with tall lava fountains and lava flows from the New SE crater. 

The strombolian activity progressively increased and merged into lava fountains at around 04h40 local time. A lava flow descended into Valle del Bove and reached about 2600 m elevation on the slope north of Sierra Giannicola Picola. The eruption ended rapidly by about 06h30. 
This marks the first "true" paroxysm this year, very similar to the spectacular ones during 2011-12, but comparably weaker than these.

Paroxysm of Etna on the webcam

Tremor signal from Etna (INGV)

Tremor signal from Etna (INGV)

The characteristic tall tremor peak

The characteristic tall tremor peak

Tremor is rising and probably, this means that some strombolia

n activity is present in either New SE crater or Bocca Nuova, but visibility is poor due to bad weather.


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