ETs on Earth

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ETs on Earth



The expectation of public interactions with ETs should include some basic realization of the nature of various types of ETs.


Two basic realizations:


   All ETs are telepathic and automatically are aware of the thoughts and intentions of all those who are around them. And most can be aware of the previous lives of anyone.


   Secondly, they have mind-over-matter abilities, and can move physical objects with their abilities, and can teleport themselves. Some can change dimensions at will.


These are considerations to be aware of concerning any ETs ~


  1. Are they human ETs, Angelics, or EBENs, or what?
  2. What star system, galaxy or dimension are they from? 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. Physical or etheric, or light?
  3. Are they ascended or not?
  4. Who do they serve?


Concerning Human ETs ~


There are only a few other human races in the physical dimension. These are scattered widely throughout the galaxies and are unable to visit Earth.

Most are in many various higher dimensions.


Those in the Alpha Centauri system have made observational trips here, but will not interact with us.


Some of the Vegans are human with other ET components, but are only occasionally involved here.


The Nordics are only involved with the defense of Earth against certain malevolent ETs and will not interact with the public.


The Pleiadeans are partially interdimensional and are still becoming human. They can incarnate here, but cannot land or otherwise directly become physical.


The Arcturians are starbeings who do not have the ability to directly enter the physical.



The human race of Earth is now becoming developed enough to allow some higher dimensional beings to interact physically to varying extents with a few Earth humans, and these interactions are limited to assisting the ascension of those involved.


The Publicly Little Known Story of ET Interventions in the 20th Century