for everyone who has sparked their twin flame:

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for everyone who has sparked their twin flame:

im just curious... is it okay that i dont feel my twin flame is here on earth with us?
some of you may know of the experience i went thru, when my twin flame was sparked and lit up before my eyes on a very physical wall lol, but i have noticed couples claiming they are the twin flames finally together. soul mates as i used 2 understand it. 

but this is my love story, i hate to type it out but i have to reference a couple things about it to make sense with why i wonder about this the way i do. i have been single for... i mean at least 4 years, ever since my spiritual awakening was triggered thru that near death experience, (which i also posted on this site lol) i havent had a relationship like i grew up used to, my teen years and even in middle school i was always a loyal boyfriend and dated long term. my shortest relation ship was 3 months, which in middle school is a LONG TIME LOL but anyways! hahaha... NOW i have had one or two attempted relationships since 07, and they were very short lived, i am talkin just a few days and no more than a week.. or two. and the fact that sex alrdy was a chore for me by the time i was 17 living with my fiance.. (yep. true story! im tellin u i rushed thru life so quick lol!) only added to the fact that i must for sure really either enjoy being single and not getting involved in those relationships anymore, or maybe, which is what i relistically accept finally, i am meant to be where i am right now, and i lived thru lifes harshest experiences so soon to prepapre me to be able to do what i gotta do now... and my sparked twin flame incident was my sign telling me that i am in a very active relationship, indeed with my soul mate, she/it (lol i am sorry! dunno how to reference light beings in this scenario hehe.) just doesnt exist with me on this plane of existence.. could i be correct here?
dead-on, even? ;D 

this is the day of the full solar eclipse, and new moon, marking the six week period to 12-21-12. i am prepared to send off my baggage with this eclipse and make some changes to my daily habits from here on out. but for some reason, i have to know about why i feel so comfortable being so single when my whole life i felt i couldnt live without a girlfriend?  i suspect it to be bc my heart chakra is fully activated with my twin flame alrdy... i just dont have a 3d girlfriend like the majority of these dudes =p and im okay with that if its the case! =D

random but, check out my ufo video i recorded if u want to! :) the comments are all complimentary too, ppl have seen the same thing, and ppl who werent believers are now after seeing my video! what do yall think? cuz im still iffy about if it was a starship/lightship/etcetcetcetc or not.


this energy still pouring in from 11-11 is sooo awesome. im so happy =) i love you alllll!  things are starting to make sense eh? ahahaha =D

love and light biscuits for yoooou! and you! and you and you and you too boo! woooo! =D  feel my positive vibes? :)