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Why is everything as it is...? It seems that the potential we have to understand existence came from developments which are made daily while we keep on inventing, to allow what we currently have, as to allow further developments which we can carry on for formations of what we could term Nature.

The nature of our beings, the nature of the universe, consciousness, energy, matter, vibrations, patterns, assimilation's, conceptualizations...

The governing flows which allows us to attend to more advancements within our fields of developing attributes, abilities, coherent stats, what we know as facts, science fiction and additionally the conceptualizations that are carried on from nothing.

What seems to portrait higher existences which sustains by nature the effects of all that we term as existence...

What seems probable in our abilities to manifest and invent, can quadruple the effects of what we concurrently use to understand what we can term (the concept) of our roles as individuals and as a planetary whole and even beyond that, as species which exists in multiple realms simultaneously across the entire scope of all existences which are portrayed and sustained in this galaxy for us to commemorate to better expenses of how we are utilizing technologies which may have started off on this Earth by reverse engineering of technology which came from other beings off planet, which we can call extra-terrestrials or even aliens if we accumulate the right understandings gathered from other beings in existence which we can have at our disposal to anchor the concepts as energetic forms of conscious awareness with our senses and our thoughts which can give attributes of different meanings which are carried on from one invention as a word which in this case I used aliens which from its original inventor, the word is known to carry different ways in which we can gather from within us understandings which come from concepts of the word(s).

By assimilating info... As these writings are carried on from what I may be internally testing since birth and maybe even before my birth... By assimilating this info, we are utilizing from inventions which can all fall in the category of technology, if we understand it as something in which we can potentially learn, integrate, carry on from other sources and build new properties of developments which advances as what we can term the natural flow of evolution.

So to figure out new ways of thinking, we almost have to get to a breakthrough... As slowing down the potential velocity of our inner workings as consciousness to bring about deconstruction modules (dissociation's) which carries on primary models of the nature of existence (Associations) and or the nature of our beings in existence to find out with the higher velocity creations or states of beings as what we concurrently know (The levels which we are at) and bring from the primary or primordial models of understandings (associations) to give a shift in the energetic assimilation's which we are conducting... As for the potential to read and gather knowledge can be tested over and over again (the many different creations) which carries on a never ending cycle within a cycle within a cycle and so on until we get breakthroughs to higher ones (which we can call Higher Octave Chains) by giving birth to balances which we can work on daily as nature keeps on evolving in further existences or dimensions as we copulate data carried on within these formulations.

Thank you for reading, Namaste



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