The Evolution of the World

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God said:

You are vital and important to the world. Your giving is more important than your receiving. Yes, I say that very clearly without doubt. This is not to say that you are not to receive. This is to say: Receiving is not enough. Whatever boons you receive, give out so that others have the benefit as well.
You may not yet quite be clued in that everything you receive comes from Me. And everything that I give to you is not the end of the story, for everyone is One, and you are part of a chain that reaches out beyond yourself. You are not the end of the cycle. There is a further step. Remember Oneness. You expand yourself as you share. As you share, you receive more. Do not abscond yourself from sharing.
Sharing is natural. If you receive a pound of candy, you don’t have to give it all away. The fact is that in sharing, you gain. It is not always easy for My children to understand this principle of sharing. You may think of sharing as subtracting and having less. Sharing is the next step of gaining. Giving is gain, not loss. Sharing and giving expand you. The purpose of life is expansion.
When you receive a blessing, you are elevated. When you have sought and you have found, the elation is not meant for you alone. What you receive, you are to give. Receiving is not the end of the matter.
Do you not know that you are a chain in the evolution of the world? Are you alive or not? Be alive to love. The sun shines for all. You are to be like the sun and radiate to all. To reap the most, beloveds, you are to give. A farmer sows the seeds. He throws them away. He throws and so sows the seed. Certainly, he was not given the seeds to keep to himself. And when the seeds grow and produce their own seeds, there is more and more to share.
Let go of the idea that whatever is given to you is given to you alone. You are not to be little Jack Horner who sat in the corner, eating his Christmas pie, pulling out a plum  and saying,  “What a good boy am I?”
If you have not yet acquainted yourself with the flavor of giving, acquaint yourself with it now. Beloveds, your giving is the foundation of the world.
If you have ten dollars, give a dollar to someone else. Do not wait until you have ten million dollars. When you wait, you teach miserliness. When you give, you teach love. I am your Source. I give to you so you give a return to others as well. I am like the schoolteacher who hands you sheets of paper, not for you to keep, but for you to pass on to the class. You take your piece of paper and share the rest.
The same is true of answers you receive in life. You do not force-feed anyone. No one has to listen to you, and yet you share, and so you refill your heart and, likely, your coffers too. What are My words here for but to share?
What did the Great Spiritual Ones do? None of them had the thought: “Oh, well, I am complete. I have the answers.” They completed themselves by sharing what I had given to them. I am the Giver, and you are designed to be a giver as well. This doesn’t mean you corner everyone like the Ancient Mariner who passed on his story to rid himself of his guilt. Your need is to give because you are meant to be a giver always. Until you give, you are a taker, beloveds. Uphold the Universe, beloveds. Uphold.