Example of 5th Dimensional facets right now taking shape!

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A lot of the work that I do is on the spiritual / ethereal side of the dynamic with our Galactic Family and the Elohim as well as the Ascended Masters. I have not been given the opportunity to take a quality photo of any of my telepathic encounters / exchanges with these folk ... though I try and will continue to try. I perceive that some profound changes have begun to take shape in yet another new category in this transition into the 5th dimension.

Since April 1st, my healing of systems of the human body have taken an additional leap forward in a manner that I did not know was available to me, nor the rest of humanity. For over 10 years there has been a specific list of "systems" that run the human body, that I energetically manipulate to nudge, repair and improve efficiency. Now, as of Wednesday, April 16, 2014, there are 11 "new" systems that I was energetically required to find and address to "improve" energetically. I did NOT go looking for them, nor imagined their existence.... so, as they have literally begun to unfold before me, my eyes have gotten bigger and bigger with each succeeding new system request.

What does all this mean? To me, it means that God is unfolding yet another facet of this transition into the 5th dimensional body which has new (new to humanity) systems that will control it. As a healer, I need to know these systems to repair or boost them. So, they are being opened up to me, for they are in the bodies of the folk in front of me, that I am healing. They are real, measurable and new for the 5th dimension. Very very interesting times.

I was about to conclude my remarks when it occurred to me that it would be helpful for the reader to be able to know of at least one of the new "systems". So I am choosing one to share with you. Please remember that we are talking about a SYSTEM and NOT a choice... that this will run on automatic and is NOT influenced by the will... you will want to ponder this one a bit and not jump to a quick knee jerk reaction. I hope you have eyes and heart to understand the implications of it....


Here are some of the implications of this new system I have found:
connecting automatically with God, all the time
no will needed
absolute connection
one mind
my thoughts = God's thoughts
no external force or spirit 'making' us 'do' something
tied intimately to God all the time
this is a system, running on automatic
my choice = God's choice
no such thing as 'interpretation' for 100% understanding is present
this does not take choice / volition away it just gives us ALL the same multi-dimensional, timeless choices and perspectives as God.