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Humpty Dumpty - Have a Great Fall

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Humpty Dumpty – Have a Great Fall

Bring It On!


Maurice Turmel PhD – Spiritual Psychologist




Hegemony –Smedgemony – Helter Skelter – Pell Mell – It all smells like Hell! The world is in chaos right now, uproarious, unprecedented and disintegrative chaos.


The powers that 'be/were' are worried. Their plans for world domination are collapsing all around them. How do we know? Because every day they are ramping up their rhetoric and showing the folly of their ways = Ebola, Schmebola = Isis, What Crisis = and nobody is believing them any more – Nobody!


The world awaits a better outcome than that pathetic bankster run worldview which they have been promoting. The planet has collectively taken in a huge breath and is holding, in anticipation of the changes that are filtering through the smoke and mirrors and, in some cases, are already here. (e.g. Who now owns the US Federal Reserve? China, that's who) We will soon breathe out our collective sigh of relief as Humpty Dumpty heads for the pavement.


You can’t keep killing your own bankers without people noticing. We are all aware now of the giant uptick in banker “suicide” rates. (e.g. one banker “took his life” by shooting himself with a nail-gun 6 times!)


It's Getting Near Dawn

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It's getting near dawn - It's time to move on . . .Together . . . Together . . .

As Ascension presses itself upon us, we are ready to receive, we are ready to open, we are ready to escape 3D at high velocity. We are ready for true greatness as 5th dimensional Ascended Masters. That's why we're here. Now Is The Time!




Names of cities that are now in 5th Dimension

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This is just a raw energetic discernment as to the state of the ever growing / moving 5th dimension, as the planet earth finishes its transition into the 5th dimension. The rate of change is 3 miles (4.8km) per day. It flows out from any 5th dimension location, over and through that which is not yet 5th dimension. I accidentally fell upon a 'tentative' JOB DONE time frame ... as being the end of August of 2014. It would be really cool to see this reality be finished then. Here are the cities that are in the 5th dimension (YES) and those who are not in the 5th dimension (NO)

Denver, CO YES
San Francisco, CA NO
Lincoln, Nebraska YES
Chicago, IL YES
Beijing, China YES
Tokyo, Japan YES
Portland, OR YES
London, UK YES
Frankfort, Germany YES
Miami, FL NO
Dallas, TX YES
Houston, TX NO
Boston, MA NO
New York City, NY NO
Salt Lake City, UT NO
Las Vegas, NV NO
Detroit, MI NO
Paris, France NO
Dublin, Ireland YES
Mt. Shasta, CA YES

This list has been evolving and changing as the 5th dimension frequency moves over the areas of land which are at the lower frequency. There is no criticism associated with this list. All of the earth will soon be in the 5th dimension and everyone living on it will either up their frequency as well in order to thrive ... or folk will feel the difference and wonder what is happening.

Peace of God be with you today, tomorrow and all your tomorrows.

Example of 5th Dimensional facets right now taking shape!

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A lot of the work that I do is on the spiritual / ethereal side of the dynamic with our Galactic Family and the Elohim as well as the Ascended Masters. I have not been given the opportunity to take a quality photo of any of my telepathic encounters / exchanges with these folk ... though I try and will continue to try. I perceive that some profound changes have begun to take shape in yet another new category in this transition into the 5th dimension.

Since April 1st, my healing of systems of the human body have taken an additional leap forward in a manner that I did not know was available to me, nor the rest of humanity. For over 10 years there has been a specific list of "systems" that run the human body, that I energetically manipulate to nudge, repair and improve efficiency. Now, as of Wednesday, April 16, 2014, there are 11 "new" systems that I was energetically required to find and address to "improve" energetically. I did NOT go looking for them, nor imagined their existence.... so, as they have literally begun to unfold before me, my eyes have gotten bigger and bigger with each succeeding new system request.

What does all this mean? To me, it means that God is unfolding yet another facet of this transition into the 5th dimensional body which has new (new to humanity) systems that will control it. As a healer, I need to know these systems to repair or boost them. So, they are being opened up to me, for they are in the bodies of the folk in front of me, that I am healing. They are real, measurable and new for the 5th dimension. Very very interesting times.

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: You Are Entering a Period of Deep, Deep Transformation – Channeled by Fran Zepeda on March 2, 2014

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goldenYeshua and the Company of Heaven (Received March 2, 2014):

Greetings, fellow travelers of the Light. You are so magnificent. I just want to tell you that first off. It has been a while since I have greeted you through this channel, but nevertheless, I come in with full force and Light and Love to deliver this important message to you all.

You are entering a period of deep, deep transformation. For this I urge you to prepare yourselves in a very diligent and loving manner, dear ones. You do not want to miss the fragrant and deep and whole enhancement of your Beings as you learn to absorb and integrate more and more Light into your cells and overall Beings.

By now you are most likely becoming acquainted with yourselves as Whole Divine Beings of the Light, of magnificent creatures with so many abilities, albeit still dormant in some. However, these abilities are waiting just below the surface if you are not experiencing them already and they await you to embrace them and practice them.

Although you have heard this many times, these abilities have never been as accessible as they are now. As Light Quotient meets with your willingness to absorb and integrate, you have much in store for you.

Mother Mary: You Will Never Be The Same ~ As Channeled By Fran Zepeda ~ August 26, 2013

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Mother Mary:

Your progress in this huge undertaking that you have shouldered for humanity is immense, dear ones. Do not let anything or anyone tell you differently. For you may be still processing all that has transpired over these recent days and much is settling into your cells and your hearts as we speak.

You will never be the same. You will never be the same as you were last week, or even yesterday. For you are evolving at breakneck speed, dear ones. Give yourselves time to assimilate and absorb all that has taken place. Spend as much time as you can quietly in your own stillness, in the stillness of your individual hearts, and feel the changes. Feel the subtle changes and feel the immense ones that are forming within you now.

No, you will never be the same, dear ones, my sweet travelers into the 5th Dimension. You are there so much more now; can you tell? Can you feel it in that softness, that sureness, that all-pervading Love that you are feeling more and more each day, not only for yourselves, but for your fellow man, woman and child, as well as everything in your environment?

Can you feel it in the increased gratitude you feel for everything, in every experience and notion you are having, no matter how uncomfortable? Yes, embrace it. Embrace all of it. For in that is built your Wholeness and your link to your Divinity.

My dear, sweet Light Beings of the Ascension Age, you are progressing most superbly, and no matter what you feel or experience, know that it is all part of the process. Take away the analysis and the judgment and just be within this slow but sure change in your psyche and in your Lightbodies.

5th Dimensional Beings in a 4th Dimensional World

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If you have felt your whole life as though you don't fit in; if you have spent your life feeling like a failure because you can't be 'successful' according to what the world calls 'success'; but if you KNOW that you are here to change the world, the make the world a better place, then this one is for you. 




New Earth Frequency Update ~ Planning In Action

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This month is going to set a huge opening of many events to change upon the world.  Many are writing about it and I share it from the information that as been provided through our teachings from the Ascended Masters.

Wesak in May truly set the stage as the enfoldment of the Three-fold flame of the Will, Love and Power was actualized within the essence of Gaia.  We then experienced an amazing Solstice in which a doorway opened for every human on earth to blend their three minds of the Consciousness, Sub-consciousness, into the Super-consciousness of our Higher Self.  This is a pretty tall acceleration which will continue through eons of time.

So now we are in adjustment phases of allowing all of these energies to blend into our physical existence.   In addition the veil between the worlds of Spirit and Matter are now closer than they ever have been before.  This means that the availability of connecting with the Light Beings is so close within our consciousness.  It also means that the gap of the opposing forces is getting smaller but not without trying to create challenges for each of us.

Andy Bojarski - My Higher Self: How to Deal with Arguments or Disagreements in a 5th Dimensional Way

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Healing and Love posted on June 24, 2013 by Andy Bojarsk

ArgumetsYou are living with people on earth that have third dimensional energies.  However, your energy level is higher.  Thus, you are living in the fifth dimension or higher with people who are living in the third dimension.

People that are living in the third dimension do not understand the energies of the higher dimensions.  Their egos cannot comprehend this.  So the ego turns to the fight or flight mentality.

This is how arguments can blow up and escalate very quickly.  This is especially true with the influx of energies coming in at these times  Do not get drawn in to these arguments and this lower dimension energy.  Let’s look at an example.

Say your parents are trying to get you to do something you do not want to do.  You know that whatever they want you to do does not resonate with you and your energy level.  At first you give them your point of view and they do not listen.


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