Explosions of Light~ WE are In Exciting Energies!

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The Galactic Free Press Update: Explosions of Light~ WE are In Exciting Energies!


Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center


The Real News and The Whole Truth


X Class Solar Flare, With a Heart Shaped spot to the right, WOW


Greetings Love Beings, We are In Exciting Energies and Full Disclosure of the Truth is Being Revealed in this Process! WOOHOO! Thank YOU SUN! These Energies Will Continue to Increase On Planet Earth =Heart and arriving from All directions! As a result, The Consciousness is continuing to expand, and many are Now Awakening and seeking the Truth, FINALLY! These New Earth energies and Now Assisted By the Sun with Record Breaking 4 X Class Flares in a 48 Hour Period is Giving US An Explosion of Light so Powerful it will not be denied! Love WINS!


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