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To Be Free Again

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To Be Free Again

Who are you? Do you remember? You are that essence and spirit; the one which came before the given name. You are the one, the Self, that was before thought, before the teachings of this thing we were told is reality. You are divine, beautiful and eternal; part of a universe that cannot exist without your awareness; that is how divine you are. There is no other. There is no separation. What separates you is a thought. What separates you is fear. What unites you with who you really are and all that is divine, is love. The love that sees life in all that your eyes behold. She that beholds beauty in the other until it overflows with so much love, that she at last sees it in herself. He who feels the pulse of life and knows in his heart, there is more than merely...this.  

Yet, you wonder, where is this illusory thing you long for that would quicken your heart once more for just a breath of it; for just a drop of it’s living replenishment. What is it that would triumphantly proclaim you are there at last? Oh, for just one moment to realize what it is that makes you feel lost and separated. To be at that place you feel you knew long ago, where you feel wholly loved and once again, there is peace in every atom swirling about you in joyous welcome. Where has it gone?

Such Joy Is In The Air!

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This afternoon, I stepped out into the warm sunlight to take a short walk. As I headed down my driveway, I received a message, "There is such Joy in the Air." And indeed, I felt loving energy as I looked up to see an huge angel cloud hovering above me. The energies of love and harmony are here!

Monday night I dreamed of a liberty bell surrounded by many loving hearts. Freedom is at hand! The bell in my dream, however, was not cracked, but solid and whole, as we are becoming through this process of freeing ourselves from ego and programming.

Last night I dreamed of people participating in a peaceful parade. Everyone laughing, smiling, and holding hands. The words on the banner at the lead of the parade read:

~ Message from the Earth Allies~Love is Exacting and illusion is dead

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~Love Always Fills in the Gaps~


 ~Resist not the Love you are, Embrace the Love you are, and Enjoy the Experience of the Love you Truly are~


 Love from The Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central~ Center. We are your Family of Light, From the Stars, The Elohim, from The Celestial. WE are much older then Planet Earth, and We have Arrived for the Transformation and Graduation of Humanity, and to assist in The Grounding of The Love Called God Everywhere Present. Reuniting, and Reconnecting you With Your Real Family, from Everywhere in Creation. ALL Eyes are On Planet Earth, and Your Brothers and Sisters Wait for Your Awakening. WE are the Ground Crew for First Contact, We are the Medical Team, Highly Skilled in Human Consciousness and Human Development. With you IS, Us, Your Real Parents of Creation, Mother and Father God [the Secret is] and You are a Part of Our Love Story, as You are all Royal Angels, and Gods Awakening, for The Grandest Love Epic of all Space and time. You came Here to Participate in a Grand Experience within Creation, consider Yourselves Truly Blessed to be here on Planet Earth=Heart during this Monumental Moment that  IS NOW UNFOLDING WITHIN THE DIVINE LOVE ENERGY~ This is a Once in a Multi-Dimensional Event, this is your Reason for Being here.

Short Update~ Whats Really Happening~ The Bigger Picture

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Greetings Love Beings, and again the energies increase and intensify.....!!! We intend Humanity will be able to keep up with all this Light coming in which is preparing us for many events ahead. As a result many more will be shifting off the Planet as this acceleration period continues. The end of July, we feel will be a huge victory and turning point for the Light. Expect the unexpected! This energy is Now arriving as intense waves....where we are receiving the incoming energy then it subsides and then a whammy Again. Truly Humanity is here to accomplish the Incredible and we are here to see this Through to completion. Everyone can Join us today in a Live Discussion about what is really happening on the Planet from the bigger picture standpoint beginning at 10:30am Pacific At this Link:

We Would Like to See all 7  Billion People join us in this ROOM! Then We Would Really Lite Up the Planet!

Topics of Discussion Today :

Lions Gate, Rare Astrological alignments, New Mayan New Year and Day out of Time [Celia Fenns Latest Information about this and what this all Means for you] and July 29th

Why is July so Important for the Victory of the Light

Message from The Earth Allies~ The Highest Outcome for Humanity is Unfolding

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Brilliant Repost for Current Moments of July

~Humanity's Complete Freedom from The Controllers on this Planet is At Hand and the domino's are falling FAST~


Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, from Galactic Central. We Are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Elohim, The Celestial. WE are the First Contact Ground Crew, Medical Team, at your Service, Highly Trained in Human Consciousness and Human Development. With you In the Present Physical Manifest is Your Real Parents Of Creation [who snuck in the back door so to speak, under the] It is Us, Mother and Father God, To Welcome you Home out of the "dream", and into True Reality, which is Heaven on Earth. Thank you for Celebrating that We are Here with you, as WE Celebrate your Awakening into True Reality. We Love you.

Explosions of Light~ WE are In Exciting Energies!

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The Galactic Free Press Update: Explosions of Light~ WE are In Exciting Energies!


Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center


The Real News and The Whole Truth


X Class Solar Flare, With a Heart Shaped spot to the right, WOW


Mother Earth = Heart is a Starship!

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Important Message from The Earth Allies ~

Let Your Light Shine, Its TIME




“The Original Light, and The First Thought is Love ”

Pre-First Contact Update of the Highest Truths= High Velocity Light. Truth is Love in its Highest Form. Through Truth, Honest Information, Healing can Be Accomplished. This is Our Service To ALL of YOU. They Have called Us Many names, one being The Bringers of The Light, Meaning Bringers of the Truth. Light is The same as Truth. WE Provide You the Whole Truth, not bits and pieces, or parts, which is still separation and the old paradigm.


Important ~ The Grand Awakening!

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~ A Message from The Earth Allies ~

The Grand Awakening



“The Great Awakening ”


Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, Your Family of Light and Earth Allies, working Behind the Scenes for Humanity's Freedom and Return Home into The Light. We are The Ground Crew Medical Team for First Contact. Thank You for Honoring Our Presence here With You On Planet Earth=Heart. WE Now Have less then 2 Years till the end of our Mission here.




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