An Exquisite Godwriting

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God said:

Beloved, your desire for a Godwriting may be a desire for Godwriting like no other. This is natural enough, I understand. Who wouldn’t want Godwriting out of the ordinary? No two are alike anyway. Even if you have written down 7,000 episodes of My Words, some steal your heart more than others. A desire for a wonder of a Godwriting is understandable.

Of course, you are going to want Me to knock you off your feet. Wow, you would like all the stars in the sky to light up. It can happen. It has happened. Yet there is a quality of a Godwriting that won’t repeat itself just like that. Receive extraordinary, yet do not be attached to extraordinary. It’s not that you are to be wary of brilliance. Brilliance is A-OK. Who doesn’t want to ride to the top of where the elevator can take you?

There are some Godwritings that can’t be topped just like that. You can’t intervene. It is Brilliance itself you write down. Get into the knack of listening and welcoming what you hear, outstandingly brilliant or at the height of simplicity or not. In fact, you do not quite go into the act of listening. You write and then find out what came.

Godwriting is subtle. It is not a contest, not even a contest within yourself. Absolutely, the Godwriting that comes from your fingers does not have to qualify as the best of the best. Truly, there is no such thing. Go ahead, yearn to Godwrite, yet don’t yearn to top the market. If I want the cream of the crop of Godwriting through your lighted-up fingers today, I will have it. It will appear. It will be spontaneous to Me as well, you understand. I don’t articulate it. I don’t strive for it.

You cannot strive for it any more than I do. You don’t have to have it. Godwriting comes on its own. You can’t prod it forward. When the one in a million Godwriting comes, it won’t come at your urging. It will come at your surprise. Godwriting cannot be old hat. It has to be a surprise.

Not one of My children knows what the sunrise this morning will look like. You don’t paint the sunrise. You discover it. Many sunsets will dazzle you. Sunsets are yours to be amazed at. Your heart can get caught up in the sun in the brim of the sky at its horizon. And it is the same for the sunset at eventide. You are not a hero here. The brilliance of sunrises and sunsets isn’t your department. They are your discovery.

No one but God is a master of Godwriting. The best you can do as a Godwriter is to subtly hear Me. It is for you to let the chips fall where they may.

Not exactly did I create Creation. I desired Creation to appear. Then I saw how it appeared, and I saw it was good. I did not personally create Earth piece by piece. I did not work at it. I didn’t draw a blueprint. I am good at liking what I see. I love what I see and take it to heart. I am a good receiver.

Of all the beauty that it is said I create, I set you high. A process got set in motion. Love got set in motion all at once, not step by step. Of course, I love all as well. It isn’t that you arbitrate Godwriting. You embrace it. You do not set Godwriting in motion. Godwriting flies through your heart.

I am good at desiring you to Godwrite. You, too, are good at seeing the Godwriting that creates itself the way Creation did. I see that Creation is good. You see that the creation of Godwriting is good by virtue of by listening. You know it. You hear it of its own accord.

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