extreme chills and muscle tightening

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extreme chills and muscle tightening

high guys, this might have nothing to do with meditation, but the other night i was ready for bed, so i decided to meditate till i dozed off, well after about 15 minutes of meditating, thoughts of ice cream took over, again. so i got up, had a bowl of ice cream, when i went to go rinse out my bowl i started getting small chills, no big deal, typical ice cream reaction, but as i got back to bed the chills got severe and in came the tightening of the muscles, mostly down through my core but also in my arms and legs. but i have never had chills like that and especially with the muscle tightening, it was rather uncomfortable. and i know chills, i live in northern minnesota. i was surprised that i wasn't sore in the morning, the tightening was that great. as soon as it was over, i passed right out till mornings. is this something that happens after meditation sometimes, could it be a "download" of some sort. i have been placing intention on receiving a important download that a gentleman was saying to prepare to receive. it was probably 20 or 30 minutes after i surrendered to the ice cream and left meditation. or is this some sort of extreme ice cream reaction, which i have never had, and i love me some ice cream. thanks and love

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The first thing that comes to mind

I have not heard of the combination of chills and muscle tightening being related to ascension symptoms.

The first thing that comes to mind is what they are now putting in ice cream/milk - aspartame and a number of other things genetically modified, as if the cows feed being GM corn isn't bad enough. Aspartame is a particularly nasty neuro-toxin  that has been reported to cause symptoms and/or the onset of multiple sclerosis, diabetes and fibromyalgia. Aspartame is found in almost all diet drinks and even many processed foods. I personally only eat organic dairy products and stay completely away from all soft drinks, sport drinks, processed foods, corn, soy, canola and sugar beets in order to avoid ingesting genetically modified organisms. Fluoride in tap and bottled water is another poison to avoid. Distilled water is safe and beneficial. Fluoride can even be found in beer bottled in the states. Avoiding these toxins will bring about increased immune response, vitality, mental clarity and functionality, and an overall sense of well being.

Love and Blessings

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hmm, did the tightening feel

hmm, did the tightening feel like a pulling, like in the core of your limbs?(like say you have a cast on your hand and you hold the cast still but try to pull you hand out, that sort of sensation) or was it the more cramp-like squeezing in the surface/subsurface muscles? because i've had the first one happen as a symptom.

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on the organic/GMO side, we

on the organic/GMO side, we do the best we can with the money we got. we did go all organic/non-GMO, even with our critters. did it for 6 months, it was good, but then both vehicles went down and we're still playing catch up. i'd say about 70 % organic, 90% non-GMO, we run from all dyes, aspartame, anything hydrogenated, we filter all our water with a big berkley including fluoride filters. amazing how many different places you can pick up fluoride from.

the muscle tightening was mostly at my core, chest, abdomen, pelvis, but yes, some of it did have that feeling like pulling an arm out of a cast, or at least what i would think it would feel like since i've been lucky enough not to need one. luckily it hasn't happened again and everything is fine. might have to pass that one off as too much ice cream, too late at night after being too relaxed. but thank for the responses and much love..

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chills/tremors and muscles


I had to write to this, because this is something I've been experiencing off and on for about 2 and 1/2 years now...and it is directly related to ascension symptoms for me.

My awakening process seems to have begun speeding up about 2.5 - 3 years ago.  My first "episode" occurred when I went to bed (like you).  All of a sudden, my body started trembling...like chills, but to the extreme.  It started in my upper thighs, went into my lower body, moved up through my chest, to my arms and hands, up through my shoulders and into my teeth.  My teeth we chattering as if I were in the midst of a frigid snow storm with only lightly layered clothes on.  It caused such tension, that I could feel it in all of my muscles afterward.  It lasted for about 20 minutes, and then stopped just as abruptly.  I felt like I'd been hiking up a rock wall.  Ugh.  I had not eaten anything strange, or started any new diets.  I hadn't had anything to eat within 1-2 hours of going to bed.

After that, I seemed to have it come upon me around a dozen times a year.  I did a lot of past life and childhood healing/clearing...and I knew I was about to go through more, because my body would start its trembling/shaking.

Now I know, that I am someone who feels all of the physical changes within my body.  lucky me.  That may be what is happening with you.  You may be in tune with energy as it streams through your body.

To this day, my hands tremble off and on, moving from one side to the next.  Sometimes they get really hot.  I am learning Reiki (at level 1), and that has helped.

Trust your intuition.  If it doesn't feel like a nutritional reaction, then it's not.  Hope this helps.


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Jen, Thank you

Jen, Thank you for sharing your experiences about these symptoms. All of us are fairly new to this body of knowledge called ascension symptoms and the more information is shared, the more comfort is given to those going through it.

Blessings on your path

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thank you everyone

just a update, thank you everyone for your comments, it's been almost 7 weeks and it never happened again. it was just that one time. jen, your second paragraph nailed it on the head, except for my ice cream. thank you again everyone for contributing, i'm sure our collective experiences will help many.

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I Am glad to have found this post

I have experienced these severe chills, I believe also called rigors off and on for three years. I went through an intense period where they happened violently throughout my days, but now it is a rare occurrence. I believe it ascension related, for me has usually coincided with swollen sore lymph and thyroid glands.

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