Fare Thee Well

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God said:

Beloved, when your heart aches, I am well aware it’s no joke. Let Us get you onto the sunny side of the street. Does this sound corny to you? Then let it be corny.

Here, take My hand. There is more to see in the very world you live in. All you have to do is to cross the street with Me. Let’s stroll along hand in hand, Beloved.

I know there have been times when it seems that life hits you hard in the stomach. There have been times you have felt life as too much to bear. No matter how much you merit, I don’t say you will have instant or total remedy, yet you can get some relief. Relief – even instant joy – is at hand.

You will be relieved when you get your mind off adding up your woes. Also, while you are at it, give your all to give the world a little break. Add up all the little breaks you and others can give of your love to the world. See how you reap. You’re right. You may not reap everything, yet it is something. Ah, Beloved, you aren’t the only one who lives with an achy-breaky heart.

Sometimes you may reap more than you could ever dream of, is this not also true?

Ah, just think if everyone pitched in. A new life is of the making. It is on its way to you. Only you have to meet life half way. Life has to be of its own making. Greet the sun every day. Yet don’t meet life by hitting it over the head with a hammer. Give life a fresh start.

Picture yourself moving into a new line. You may not have noticed it before. The line you have been hanging out in seems indelible to you. You may well have often pressed your crayon as hard as you can to prevent life from having its lead, as if your stepping up has to be of great effort, as if you have to prevent life instead of being easy with it. Beloved, change your tune. Change your tone of voice. Place your palm upward. You may be giving life a hard time.

No more blocking life as you may have been doing. Move into a new life now. Let’s call it: “With a Song in My Heart.”

Here are more heart-warming words to soften your take on life. Let Me hear you say:

“God paints roses on my cheeks. With or without me, God is moving me up in life. God gives me three cheers.”

I, God, say that everyone, including Me, is yourself. Enjoin goodness and mercy. Surprise yourself. Surprise everyone. Give a big helping hand without being asked. What have you been doing? Holding back?

Carry on! Anticipate all good. Welcome yourself. Be light hearted. No more sad songs for you. Now your step is light. Hail to your heart and the heart of the world. Today is a new world. Today is just coming out of bondage. A new day is at hand. You are engendering the world. Not detail by detail do you make your bed. It’s not like that. No one says you consciously desire to set forth to establish misery of one kind or another for yourself or anyone. You may not be paying attention. You may be astonished. At the same time, you are aware that you do not bless everyone you know to good fortune.

Now, light up all faces. Make new friends. Remember Me! Befriend the friends you have. Befriend yourself. Wake up.

Like it or not, everyone paddles his own canoe.

Hallelujah! Hiya!

Beloved, fare thee well.

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