The First Full Day of Summer 2012

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Today begins another Love Quest journey.  For those interested in joining, here is the link:

For seven days I am immersed in agape and will write primarily on that page.

I have been sent a channeled post from a different source.  I will share the words here, as well as the link for those interested in further posts from this source.  This feels vital, here is a copy of what was sent to me:

Dear Sophia.

Below is a link to a channeling by Jonette Crowley who channels White Eagle and Mark. It is most unusual in that Mark has never before carried a message from the Galactic Federation. It is time sensitive. I think It is worthy of contemplation by and sharing to all lightworkers.

The Link:

The Message:

Channeled by Jonette Crowley  

We speak today as a messenger for the Galactic Federation.

The earth is a precious project overseen by great, loving beings. The pain and darkness that have been created on Earth is less than the help and compassion that is available.

Your freewill has often got humans in trouble, yet rather than removing your freewill, which had been seriously contemplated, you are being given more freedom. Your freedom to choose will be much more immense. The considerations you make will be considerable.

You must choose and live from divine guidance and no longer be servants to your linear reckoning. You will not always have confirmation of your truth. In the beginning, act as if you know. Act as if you are correct. Act as if you are supported. Guidance will result from your action. Guidance may not necessarily be a precursor to your action. You usually wait for guidance and then act. We’re asking you to act as if you know, and allow guidance to be confirmation, not leader. Do you understand the difference?

There has been a significant discussion about the free will experiment upon this Earth. Advocates for all sides weighed in, in a court of high justice. The judgment will be released through many channels in the next many weeks. The verdict supports you to arise to a new level of power, to lift past your own enslaving thoughts. Stop wondering what is right and what is wrong. In that binary game there are no winners.

Find your knowing. It is quiet. It is soft. It has no marketing committee. It has no pop-up ads. It is in the quiet that a new reality will unfold.

You who are here have been chosen because you have proven an ability to listen within. You who are here have eschewed control and manipulation.

The world of greater freewill is the opening of holographic choice. Imagine that you have been part of a jigsaw puzzle on a flat plane. Imagine now that you are asked to be part of a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The choices are enormous. You cannot easily weigh left and right, white or black, right or wrong. You have to go to an instinctual galactic wisdom-- knowing.

The advocates against giving humans more freewill pointed out that you haven’t done so very well with the freewill you’ve been given. The advocates that finally won put forth the argument that it was a limited playing field, and perhaps if you move to holographic consciousness, even though the decisions and choices are more immense, that perhaps the humans are equal to that task. This group (the Mark group) was put forth into evidence that humans are ready to live in higher planes, moving away from limitation.

You may expect turbulence. Your response to turbulence should be a Master’s response, a Buddha, a Jesus, a Gandhi. Your response to turbulence is non-attachment, becoming a blessing giver for those still enamored by the limited choices and the slavery that creates. Your response to turbulence is deeper peace, deeper knowing, nurturing the gentle stillness. Earth is not being cut loose because of your sins, but cut free to enter a higher kingdom.

In your daily problem solving you have looked for solutions in a linear plane. If you are especially good at solving problems you will go to a higher linear plane. Possibilities become endless as you enter this multi-dimensional paradigm that the Mayans have predicted, and you have called forth.

Hold forth your divinity, not lording over others, but being of divine support. Everyone is in the game. It is as if there is a new starting line. All past sins, faults, and weaknesses are forgiven, and everyone starts at the same place. If you understand this, perhaps you will receive more compassion, and radiate more compassion.

We started by saying the levels of guidance and support are being magnified now. The portals and lines of communication between galactic wisdom and humanity are opening up. Earth is coming online in a tremendous way. Issues and blocks that you have had can be much more easily turned around now. Be open to miracles. Allow yourself to not just receive miracles, but be the cause of miracles. We’ll say that again. That’s a hard one for you. Fo not just receive miracles, but allow yourselves to be the cause of miracles. If you wait for heavenly beings to be the only cause, you are still limited.

More of you will find you are channeling in your own way, finding your own connections to higher wisdom. To remind you, just because it is your wisdom, and you are clear, it does not necessarily have to be anyone else’s wisdom.

Jonette had a question about her journey to Peru this week. At the temple complex, Ollantaytambo, there will be a test, a showdown if you will, between light and dark. It is a test between those who trust the possibility of humanity, and those who would keep humanity small. They are not living human beings, but they are present. We will ask Jonette to ask for support from this and your greater circles. (Note, Jonette and her group will be at the Ollantaytambo complex late morning Peru time on Tuesday, June 19.)

Part of what is happening in this new age, is a false or manipulated grid work of energies that have been placed around the planet are being rectified, realigned. The keepers of those portals are not necessarily happy to lose their power. Be awake. Be alert. This is a time of mastery. For years we have called you students. You stand as students no more.

You have been mislead into smallness. You are picking your way out of that miasma. Like a hatching chick, the first moves are yours, shattering the shell from the inside, and once you show the gumption of birth then you are supported. The first step must be yours.


As we begin this season, remember who you are.  You are love. 
Many blessings,